Show Me Your Front Door, Neighborhood and Car

For today’s Show Me Your (fill-in-the-blank), I’ll be taking up three requests.

Tiffany from Incredibly Fierce, Leslie Limon from Motherhood in Mexico, and Kathryn from She Don’t Make False Claims each asked to see something, so here goes:

Tiffany asked to see the view from my front door…

Lovely view of a tiny front yard and some potholes. I will say that my window faces out onto this same view, and it's nice to hear the birds singing from that tree out front. 🙂

 Leslie Limon asked to see my neighborhood:

Here's my street...

I'm right next to a middle school, and the kids hanging out on the balconies sure do scream a lot. (This was my fiance's middle school, btw!) Man those potholes look especially nasty after a night of rain, don't they?

Some lovely grafitti (No, we don't have gangs and delincuents in my hood. It's from those lame middle schoolers... hence the crappy quality and lack of imagination.)

This just happens to be one of my fave streets in the hood because of the cute houses and pretty yards, and I usually end up walking down it at least once a day.

I found some of the elusive canteloupe bugambilias I referred to the other day in a previous post.


These seem to be a cross between the "neon canteloupe" bugambilias (still can't find those) and the fuschia bugambilias

This is my favorite tree in Cancun! We don't have many big trees around here (something I miss about Virginia), so this is a fun substitute.

The trunk of my fave tree

I am DYING to get into this garden. It has eluded me for 2 years now. Doesn't it look like it has amazing stuff inside?? There are huge flower trees, some cute white buildings, and huge bushes in there. Let me in!

another view... *sigh* someday it will be mine

Kathryn asked to see my car. I have no car. So what do I use? THESE!!

My taxista let me take a picture of him this morning!! Our taxis are white with green stripes down the side. They charge around 2 or 3 USD to take you anywhere downtown. ("Tips are appreciate" HAHAHA)

So there you go… that’s pretty much what I see every morning on my way to work. 🙂

20 thoughts on “Show Me Your Front Door, Neighborhood and Car

  1. Uh oh, now Tiffany is going to show up at your wedding. She knows where you live!

    The flowers are beautiful, is that what you will have in your wedding? Wait do I have to ask that in question form?

    “Show me your wedding flower choices!”

    • HAHAHAHA uh-oh. Luckily the wedding is in another city 🙂

      No, we won’t be using those flowers, except maybe thrown around on some tables. (They wither very quickly once taken off the tree.)

      I don’t have pics of the flowers for the wedding, but we’ll be using a whole bunch of fuschia flowers…tulips, roses, freesia and orchids, mainly. You’ll see pics after the wedding, though. I can’t wait to see how it turns out either!

      • OH yeah I forgot!! (DUH!) The garden where our ceremony will be held is actually called “bugambilias garden”… it’s surrounded on 3 sides by purple and pink bugambilia bushes 😀

  2. Your street looks a lot like one of the ones I lived on in Ventura, CA. 🙂 I loved that neighborhood. And at least you have a front yard, however small!! I’d take it!

  3. Wow – that is so cool! I really like the idea of “show me your…” I feel like I know you all better now. 🙂

    And that is a damn cool tree!!

  4. Love it!!! Those cantaloupe bugamvilias are SO pretty! And you have to add something to your list of “Show me your ______”…I want to know what is inside that garden! 🙂

  5. that favorite tree of yours, we call it balete tree. in philippine folklore, elementals live in this tree. not to burst your bubble, just some trivia. i love the shape of that tree, though.

    oh, and why wont they let you in on that garden? is that a private property?

    • Oooooh that’s so cool! That makes it even more special. I know it as a banyan tree, but I think balete and banyan are the same thing??

      Yeah, the garden is private property 🙁

  6. That tree is so cool! Looks like the tree of life 🙂

    Thanks for answering my request- I had a feeling you wouldn’t have a car, but I figured I’d find out.

    • pronounced boo-gan-v-ah
      we have them all over in phoenix and tucson az, usa
      many colors, big sharp thorns
      love em

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