Show Me Your Fave Thing in Cancun!

Continuing on with Show Me Your (fill-in-the-blank)… (this is so much fun, btw)

Krysten from After-I-Do asked to see one of my fave things in Cancun.

After some serious thought, I realized that the one thing that gives me instant happiness every time I see it is… bugambilias! These vividly colored flowers are all over the place in Cancun. (I might even like them better than the dogwoods we had in Virginia, because these babies are always in bloom!)

Since there are so many in my neighborhood, I decided to take some pictures. (Hope the neighbors didn’t catch me doing this)

These gorgeous flowers come in tons of bright colors… in my time here, I’ve seen fuschia, pale pink, bright red, neon canteloupe (making names up, but I swear that’s what it is!), orange and purple.

12 thoughts on “Show Me Your Fave Thing in Cancun!

  1. Hi, if you like buganvilias wait tillyou see the ones from my hometown cuernavaca, they seem to have a lightbulb inside,they shine and glow. sorry to disappont you but the ones in cancun are crummy, i lived there for 20 years, right now i am in puertovallarta and the ones here are also prettier than cancun

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