Show Me Your Local Cuisine!

Today, I’ll continue on with Show Me Your (fill-in-the-blank).

Nikki from Que Sera Sera (as a semi-Mexican blogger, I gotta love the title!) asked to see some local cuisine. The other day I went to one of my favorite places on Avenida Tulum (the main road in downtown Cancun) for some…


"Los de Pescado" 🙂 Aren't you happy just looking at it?

The view from my chair... this plaza has a whole bunch of small restaurants all lined up in a row. Sometimes I'll get a fish taco from Los de Pescado, plus a cheese & spinach empanada from the Argentinean locale next-door (El Emporio).

Here they are! Fish tacos. My drink is Hibiscus water, and the sauces from left to right are chipotle, tamarindo, and mayo-chipotle. As you can see, I opted for mayo-chipotle sauce with pico de gallo.

For 20 pesos (about one dollar and 50 cents), they give you one fish taco. This taco is 2 tortillas thick and includes 2 of those fried fish sticks. What I do to control my portions is divide my one taco into 2 (as seen in the picture). I separate the tortillas and put one fishstick on each. It lasts longer that way, and I feel like I’m eating more. I fill up on this pretty easily, although sometimes the craving for an empanada or 2 from next door overcomes me.

So what you see in the picture (1 taco turned into 2, plus my hibiscus water) costs about 3 US dollars total, plus tip. At the Argentinean empanada place next door, you can have 3 empanadas plus a soda for $49 pesos. Haven’t done it yet, but it’s a good deal.

14 thoughts on “Show Me Your Local Cuisine!

  1. Oh my gosh- I’m drooling all over myself right now! That looks amazing! And that’s definitely a good trick to make yourself feel like you’re eating more. I would have never thought of that!

  2. Oh, yum! That looks delicious! Do you think your hibiscus water is the same as the hibiscus petal tea you find in Egypt? Because I LOVE hibiscus tea…mmmm…

  3. so if those are 2 halves of a taco, then they’re serving giant tacos? awesome! i have yet to try fish tacos, though…

    oh, and i saw the pomanders on your other post and they look really lovely 🙂 how many of those are you planning to make? 🙂

  4. Kathryn: Yeah, the tacos are too hefty to eat all in one bite anyway. They had to be separated haha.

    Nikki: I’m thinking the same thing looking at the pictures again…

    Rachel: I go out for lunch on Thursdays with work buddies. It’s usually doner kebabs or fish tacos.

    GRRRL: Yeah, it’s very popular here! I always thought it was a Latin American thing. Guess we were wrong haha

    Emily: It’s made by boiling dried hibiscus flowers. Just add sugar. Sound about the same?

    Cheri: Not giant, just ridiculously thick and overloaded. I’m planning to make about 10 pomanders, I think.

  5. WANT! I haven’t had a decent fish taco since I lived in Los Angeles. I kind of don’t trust anywhere around here for such things.

  6. mmm those actually look delicious!! The phrase “fish taco” has a) always sounded dirty and b) never appealed to me, so I’ve never tried them. Hubby had them when he went to Mexico in high school, and loves them, but he has yet to find anything to that standard here in Oregon. Go figure 😉

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