Cantinerias: My Bday Party

The skies have finally cleared, and it’s sunny in Cancun!

Yesterday was awesome!! Thanks to everyone who made me feel loved, especially my bridesmaids and my coworkers.

One coworker made individual chocolate prune cakes for the entire office, including a huge one for me! Delicious.

In the evening, I went out with a bunch of friends to Cantinerias, one of my fave places. (Atmosphere and drinks are great. Food is not.)

I had a special birthday "Flaming Cucaracha". Not sure what was in it, but it wasn't very strong. Just firey.

My cocotini! (coconut martini) I'm such a girl.


amigos rockeros

mas amigos!

amigos universitarios

 Thanks, everyone!!!

My Birthday! … and Rain.

Yay! The big 2-4! I’ll be sure to post celebratory pics this weekend (or Monday…whatever).

Does this make me a grown-up yet? It does? … Oh well. Adolescence was fun while it lasted.

On a sad note, remember how I was bragging about my view from my desk? Well, the last two days it has looked more like this:

And this…

My street:

Today, the sun seems to be making an effort to peek out, but Wednesday and Thursday were plagued by leaky ceilings, general boredom, lots of mopping, flooded streets and strung-out dogs that peed on my bed (twice) and vomited in my living room (5 or 6 times). (Sorry, Cyndi!)

I rejoice only in the fact that I’m not a tourist who paid thousands of dollars to sit in a hotel room this week. Poor guys 🙁 At least Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were nice.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t rain tonight for my b-day celebrations!

Ya'll Are Jealous

Good morning!

Today, I’d just like to add on a little more proof that my life is friggin awesome.

This week, my department moved up to the 5th floor at work. My desk is right next to a huge window!! That’s right… from my chair, I can see this:

Beautiful view looking out over the mangrove forest

By turning my head to the left, I have a beautiful panoramic view of Cancun’s Hotel Zone and a bit of the lagoon. We like to watch the parasailers. 🙂

To the right, there's a great view of the main road, along with a few office buildings and my Starbucks! We like to keep an eye out for the awesome cars parked at Starbucks.

We also like to do some mangrove birdwatching from time to time. The picture shows a white ibis. We also see a lot of hawks and Yucatan jays.

Sorry Fiance… There’s Somebody Else

Sorry guys. I’m going to be a bit indulgent today, so no fun Cancun stuff.

I can’t stop thinking about these shoes:

Burberry Tumbled Leather Espadrille in Chamomile

How fabulous would I look strolling around Cancun and Merida the week of my wedding in THESE? Be still my heart. I would be friggin gorgeous.

I’m obsessed. My productivity at work is suffering.

Sadly, they cost $395 US and they’re sold out most places online. Not to mention that I have a wedding and an apartment to pay for.

So, if anyone wants to give me a pair of these as a wedding present, feel free! (size 7!)

We don’t need a refrigerator… right?

How to Speak Like a Mexicano: I’m Down with the Kids and the Facebook

Oh, y’all Americans think you’re so cool with your LOLs and your TTYLs and your ROFLMAOs… you are nothing compared to the teens of Mexico.

While roaming around on Facebook, I found some comments that are surprisingly understandable to me, but you will definitely need some help translating. Here are some examples of popular chat fads going around the teeny bopper crowd in Mexico.

-The “oO”: using a lowercase followed by a capital “O”, or a zero

-“Q” instead of “que” (meaning “what” or “that”)

-drawing out vowel sounds through repetitive letters (“obvioooooooo” = “duuuuh”)

-“x” instead of “ch”

-“x” instead of  “por” (meaning “for”) … yes, this means that “por que” (why) is simply wittled down to “xq”. I use that one a lot!

-general substitution of “z”, “x” and “u” whenever possible because… that’s how a baby talks and it’s cute?? I dunno.

Here are a few examples I found on Facebook:

Mexican Girl Version:

ei..ei..niño..!! k ondaz..komo andamzz e..!! wauu…k xulote t vez en la pika e..!! azi o maz mamey jajaja…!!! wau..kon k t vas al dady ee…y nu m llevaz..jajaja… malozo…!!
jeje ntc..niño..wenu puezz..m saludaz a tu bro…. sale moxo..m voy..cuidate y ya nu tomes..e…bolaxo…jaja..!!bbexxitozzzzzzzzz

My Translation:

Hey… hey… kid! What’s up? How are we doing, huh? Wow! How cute you look in that picture! Could you look any more buff hahaha? Wow, what’s this about you going to Dady’O (a nightclub), huh? and you’re not taking me… haha… meanie! Haha just kidding … kid… well anyway, say hi to your brother for me. Ok cutie, I’m leaving. Take care and stop drinking, you alcoholic! haha kisses!

Mexican Girl Version:

q oOorroOor kita wesa fOotOo salgOo del navOo jjajaa…we..vamOos a bailar el sabadOo

My Translation:

What horror! Take that picture down. I look awful haha. Dude, let’s go dancing on Saturday.

Mexican Girl Version:

AMOOOOOOOOOOOR; aaaww hermosoo de mi coraazon teeqieeroomuxoxoxoxoxo graaciaas por todooo lo qe has hecho xtii! por laaas sorpresaass&asi n.n aaaww TE VOI A EXTRAÑAAR ESTE FIN u____________u
teemegaaadoroooheermosoo! teamoooooo♥

My Translation:

My love! Aww, beautiful boy of my heart I love you so so so so much. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me! For all the surprises and stuff. I’m going to miss you this weekend! I super duper adore you, gorgeous! Love you!

Mexican Girl Version:

seeeeep (qeeee loooosupeeeradorooooomasqeanadiiieenelmundo) peeerooo sssshhhh HAHAAHAHAH

My Translation:

Yes (that I super adore him more than anyone in the world) but shh HAHAHAHAHA

Lust and ATMs

I know I said I’d be writing about Chabihau today, but this beauty popped up in my Outlook yesterday and I couldn’t resist. Yes… another fascinating job application. 

For those new readers who aren’t sure about what my job is, check here for another stellar job application we got a few weeks ago: 

Finding the Right Taco 

This particular fellow is writing to us from Mexico City. I added in some photos as a visual reference for those who don’t read Spanglish. Here goes! 

*Note: If you’re not up for reading the whole thing, just skip to the last 2 paragraphs. I think it’s worth the read, though.* 

Hello, How are you today? Firstable I apologize for delivering late my essay, but the last week many strange things happened to me. For that reason y delayed in my work. 

The Saturday begun with a clear day, a tipical spring´s morning. The sun appeared early, in the horizont, waiting to make the trip during all the day when it asked for hiding behind the mountains. 


Sunrise Over Mexico City

 I woke up early. I drunk my coffee meanwhile I enjoyed the sunny day. This Saturday I was very happy because I was going to date with a special girl.  I did excercise. I went to the gym and also i ran. When i was in the five lap i saw mi watch. It was late. So i hurried up. I just can ate sandwich of tuna. Maybe in the afternoon i would eat, and if i was a good boy, my girlfriend could invite me a good dinner.  


The Breakfast of Champions

 I was going to see her in Insurgentes, by the neiberhood known as Roma. It took me more of one hour to arrive, from my house to Insurgentes. I brought a book in order to read it during the ride. So, of this way i was not going to feel so long the trip.  I was reading a book written by Jack London.  I think that he is one of the best writers who described the hard winter of Canada. His stories remember me the adventures that I lived in this country.

Jack London: Hottie?

 I was so excited that I did not see the subway station where i had to step down. I moved to the exit. She was there. So beautiful. She gave me a big hugue. We hold a little conversation. We talked about unimportant themes. In depth, we wished to be together. We did not know where can we move. Well, i knew where i wanted to be.  Finally, we decided go for a beer.


 She said me that she would like go to another bar, a new place. I didn’t want, but in order to made her happy, i accepted. After the bar, we could dance and at the night, would receive the prize. When I was going to pay the bill, I saw I didn’t have money.

What will our hero do next?

We moved into a bank, that is near of the famous “Zona Rosa”. At this moment there was an operative against the crime. There were a lot of policemen.  She got scare. So, we went to another bank. I was desesperated. I wished go to another place where i can take a drink and kiss her.

The perfect date

Finally we found another bank. Meanwhile i was retiring the money, she gazed me with passion and lust in hers eyes. I kissed her.  She wanted go out, because she blushed and felt uncomfortable with the security cams. We move to another place in where we stayed two hours. When I ask for the bill, now I saw I didn’t have my debt card. I left it in the ATM machine. I became crazy. It was not possible. I called to the bank in order to report the fact, Too late. Another person had used it.  The call center instead of helping me, she lectured me. 

There were not more drinks, kisses and hughes. The dance and the private party were suspended. At the end of the day, there were only the security cams as witness of my lack of careful, the kisses with my lover. In just two minutes there was all the story of one day. 

Aaah, love.

Dear Michelle Malkin: Quit Hatin’!

*Note: Sorry today’s post is a bit negative (rant warning!)! If you’re in the mood for a laugh today, check out the following:

Finding the Right Taco

How to Speak Like a Mexicano: American Slang

Well Now You’re Just Showing Off

I wasn’t planning on blogging about this, but as the story keeps getting bigger I’m having a hard time keeping my thoughts under my hat. Go ahead and read this article before continuing:

Done? Good. The author of this article, Ms. Malkin, seems to have lost herself in her own ideas. Just by reading the article, the sensationalism appears obvious to me, and I’m not sure why it’s not obvious to others. (Take into account that this is just one article of many similar ones on the same story.) Here are the reasons I am pissed off:

First, do none of these reporters realize that the guy was wasted? Or do they just not want to say it out loud? They mention that he had been out that night, that he was caught on surveillance tape stumbling out of his room, and that he decided it would be a great idea to forego his hotel room and instead spend the night on a lounger by the pool. An obviously drunk spring breaker ends up with head injuries, and all of a sudden Cancun is a horrific and dangerous place to vacation? Excuse me, but I believe this happens to drunk people in every city every weekend, and it never makes it past the local news. The family is screaming “random violence”, but I’d bet my money that he mouthed off somebody, or simply had a nasty fall.

Second, I also fail to see why Cancun is the bad guy when it was *probably* a fellow American (assuming that it was an act of violence). Every hotel in Cancun’s Hotel Zone is extremely strict about letting in people who aren’t guests (believe me, I’ve tried). Most guests are Americans, especially during Spring Break. I’m not saying there’s no possibility a Mexican could have done this to Zeke, but it seems improbable, and we certainly shouldn’t jump to conclusions that damage reputations.

Third, and as one commenter whose husband works at the airport pointed out, why is Zeke’s aunt crying “corruption” when they were the ones who pushed money onto the authorities to evacuate their son more quickly? Nobody asked them for money, and Zeke would have been able to leave quickly even without a bribe. (If I made what they’re making, I would have taken free money, too.)

Cancun International Airport

Fourth, the aunt criticizes the airport for an armed search of the plane before it took off, possibly wasting precious time. Did the reporter fail to investigate that the President had just been in Cancun, and many important authorities were still in the area? Of course there have to be high safety measures. I wouldn’t expect any less.

Sorry for the rant. It’s just very frustrating that incidents of violence happening in two far-off cities affect the reputation of everybody, and that a drunk spring breaker who busts his head open makes everyone think Cancun is dangerous.

Here are my closing statements:
-Don’t get drunk, kids! If you do, for the love of God stay in your hotel room or at Señor Frog’s.
-Every city has bad areas and good areas. Cancun has very few bad areas compared to most cities, and they’re very hard for a tourist to find unless they’re looking for trouble.
-Acts of violence happen in every city. This is hardly anything in comparison to some of the headlines in the States this week (three people shot in a Hollywood restaurant??), so why is innocent Cancun being boycotted?
-I realize Zeke is not to blame here. It’s mostly sensationalist media coverage that gets to me. I hope Zeke makes a speedy recovery and that authorities can get to the bottom of the situation.

Sorry for the negative post (again). Check back on Thursday for a more upbeat post on one of my favorite places: Chabihau, Yucatan!

How to Speak Like a Mexicano: American Slang

In today’s How to Speak Like a Mexicano lesson, you’ll see that one of the best ways to imitate our Southern neighbors is to… imitate yourself!

Yes, just like the English language loves to borrow French and Latin words in its vocabulary (known as “loan words”) certain parts of Mexico have also borrowed some of our vocabulary… even some not-so-savory terms.

I can’t speak for every part of Mexico on this topic. I will say that Cancun obviously has a high American influence. Want to know which English words they love in Cancun? You’ll be surprised. Here goes:

Basket: basketball

Base/Beis: baseball

Brother: rarely means your actual brother; usually refers to a man’s best guy friend

Bubis: boobies

Cachar: “to catch”

Checar: “to check”

Cover: refers to a cover charge at a bar or nightclub

El Face: Refers to “Facebook”, not the body part.


Fashion: used as an adjective, not a noun. “Esa blusa es tan fashion” (That blouse is so fashion!) “Me veo muy fashion!” (I look very fashion!)


Futbol/Fut: “football”, just spelled differently. Refers to soccer, not American football.

French: French poodle

F***: Yes, they use the F word, but usually with an “oh” sound. My fiance has a friend whose nickname is Fock. That guy got the short end of the stick.


Hot Dog: Also commonly known as “jochos” (ho-chos), my Mexican friends always make fun of my pronunciation of this word. They pronounce it “Hoht Dohg” while I say “Haht Dahg”. This is hilarious to them.

Nice: something upscale or upperclass. “Ese antro es super nice.” (That nightclub is very exclusive/upscale/fashion)

Oh. My. Gawd. : used by girls who want to sound more “fresa” (upper-class, or someone who thinks they are… their accent sounds similar to a Valley Girl)

Party: Hey, we use “fiesta”

Punk: anyone using the “punk” style (I have a hard time discerning which ones are punk, which are emo, and which are skaters… I’m lame.)

Puppy: they pronounce it “poopy”. Tee-hee

Ride: like when someone gives you a “ride” or a “lift” to the mall or something. “Me das un ride a mi casa?” (Can you give me a lift home?) Ask anyone to spell it out, and you’ll get some interesting answers. (raid, rid, ray, rayd, etc)

Sepsi/Seksi: Sexy

Shopping: Usually used as “Voy de shopping” (I’m going shopping) or “Vamonos de shopping”. (Let’s go shopping) Only used in reference to buying clothes or fun items… not for going to the supermarket.

Spring Break/Spring Breakers

Stripper (spelled the same, but pronounced “e-STREE-pair”)

Table: No, this does not refer to a table where you eat dinner. It’s their word for a strip club, from the term “table dance”.

Tag: “Te puse tag en el Face” (I tagged you on Facebook)

Toucho: touch football

I’m sure I’ve missed a TON, so there may be a Part II coming up soon!

Mexican Ghost Stories: The Guestroom

For the final installment in my Mexican Ghost Stories series, I’ll tell you about my very first haunted experience here.

The Guestroom

When I lived in Acapulco, I stayed with a family for about a month. They were kind enough to lend me a room, which I thought was gorgeous! It was painted lime green, and had a large stained-glass window that took up most of the wall. For me, it was a place for relaxation.

Two days before I had to leave, I found out that the room was known by the family to be haunted. Ok… um… how am I supposed to sleep now? Turns out that an uncle of the family had stayed there once, only to be woken up in his sleep by a loud scream. He turned over, and next to his bed was a screaming duende! What he did next, I’m not sure. I would have gone to sleep in the living room.

Soon after, another aunt and uncle stayed in the room with their 3-year-old son. One evening, after the boy had been put to bed, he began screaming for his mom, telling her that he’d been woken up by someone screaming in his ear.

I spent the next 2 nights in the room with the light on, staying clear of the edge of the bed and those pesky duendes.

For more Mexican ghost stories, check out the following:

The Beach House

Bad Dreams

The Mirror

Mexican Ghost Stories: The Mirror

*Update: Suki made it out of surgery just fine, although stumbling around quite a lot before falling over and sleeping. (Pretty funny… not gonna lie.) This morning she was able to walk around a bit, pee (came out yellow! yay!), eat, drink some water, and stand on two legs while wagging her tail! The vet gave me the bladder stone, which was pretty friggin big! (2cm x 2cm x 1 cm). Everyone in Jorge’s family asked if we were sure it wasn’t something she’d swallowed… because how can a dog that small produce something so big? Crazy. The lump on her back is probably from a shot she had received from another vet about a month ago, and should go away over the next few weeks. *

This week, I’m featuring a series on Mexican ghost stories I’ve heard during my five years here. For other scary entries, you can click on the following:

The Beach House

Bad Dreams

The Guestroom

Here goes the one that personally gives me the most chills (Tiffanie, this one’s for you!):

The Mirror

Viri is one of my best friends and one of my bridesmaids. Jorge and I often visit her house, hanging out with her parents in their front garden. (There’s always dinner and brandy to be had! Gotta love Mexican hospitality.) One night, we were talking about horror movies. Viri’s father began to tell us the story of a friend of his.

This lady had bought an antique mirror and hung it in her bedroom. Little by little, she started to become more and more strangely obsessed with this mirror. She often found herself staring into it, and couldn’t remember how she got there. Other times, she would stare into the mirror and become depressed, often considering killing herself.

Worried about the powers of the mirror, she tried to break it, but couldn’t. So, she decided to give the mirror to a friend. (I know, I know. Maybe it wasn’t so good of a friend if she thought it would be a good idea to re-gift a cursed mirror.)

About six months later, she was celebrating her birthday at her house. One of her coworkers had brought her a gift, which turned out to be… the mirror.