What I Miss About the US

In the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about things I miss from the States. Maybe because my mom came to visit. Maybe it’s just one of the culture shock phases. I dunno. Anyway, here’s a list of things I miss the most about the good ole U.S. of A. (Virginia and NC, in particular!)

-My family

-My American friends

-Sleeping cuddled up under a heavy comforter

-Tall trees

-Seasons (Fall, where are you?)


-Well-paved streets

-Correct traffic signage

-Respectful drivers

-An internet connection that doesn’t lose signal every week

-Watching primetime TV shows on a television set (watching on the internet is nice because you can choose what time to watch it… but it’s much less comfortable)

-Watching movies/TV without subtitles

-Using an oven

-Not having to unplug appliances when they’re not in use

-Throwing toilet paper into the toilet, not the wastebasket

-Ukrops (Richmonders know what I’m talking about!)



-American Eagle

-Bottom’s Up Pizza (another Richmond thing)

-Forever 21

-Victoria’s Secret

-Finding bras in something other than a B-cup

-Central AC and heating

-Wearing boots and sweaters

-Not having bars on the windows


-Walking around the house barefoot

-Being able to plan on purchasing something without someone saying “Let me call my uncle/cousin/neighbor. He can get it for you cheaper.” They rarely can, and if they do, it’s gonna take at least 2 weeks before they can get in touch with them.

-Starbucks Peppermint Mocha during Christmastime

-Cold weather at Christmastime


-Smooth walls

-Not having tons of scary dogs barking at me when I walk down the street

-America’s version of Mexican food (I love me a ground beef burrito covered in sauce and mixed cheese! Mmmm!) Don’t even get me started on the nachos and salsa.

-Racial diversity (I get all excited when I see black people)

Overall I love living here. There are tons of pros (perfect for a future list!), but there are some things that I greatly miss.

16 thoughts on “What I Miss About the US

  1. I can relate to several of the things that you mention; however, funnily enough when I am in Vancouver on vacation I quickly start to miss things from home (Cancun).

  2. Ashlie: True! That’s a whole other blog post 🙂 I feel like wherever I am, I’m always missing someone/something.

    Tiffany: It’s actually pretty common in a lot of countries, so I’ve heard. The pipes just clog too easily. It’s never that bad, because (almost) everyone rolls up the dirty toilet paper, so all you see is clean paper in the waste bin.

    Rachel: WHAT????? Are you serious? I have to investigate…

  3. I found your unplugging appliances when you’re not home is kind of similar here in Korea. If we want hot water or gas, we must turn it on first & then to save electricity & gas, turn it off after we use it. It’s a pain. As well as, our shower/sink knob is one control and when you forget to turn your shower knob off, that means when you go tot he sink to wash your hands, you get sprayed.

    So no smooth walls or walking barefoot in your own apt? Is it dirty or rocky there?

    • Oooh I forgot about turning the boiler on and off! Maybe I forgot bc my current house HAS NO HOT WATER. Well… it does heat up in the boiler, it just doesn’t make it to the shower.

      Haha it’s not rocky. The walls here are all textured…similar concept to a popcorn ceiling. and since the windows are always open, or maybe bc of the building materials or wind or dust or I dunno… the floors don’t stay clean more than a day. They get dusty very quickly, and dirty feet are inevitable without flip.flops.

      Sprayed by the sink? Crazy!!!

  4. “Respectful drivers.”

    TRUE STORY. I LOVE Mexico but the people that drive there are CRAZY!

    And I would miss Target too. Since it’s my second home and all.

  5. OMG – I miss Forever 21, pair a top from there with a nice pair of jeans and the top no longer looks like it was $12!!!!

    Living in Calgary and Vancouver for my life – I miss so many things, and if the climate there were ANY better in all truth I’d still be living there, but can’t stand 8 months of rain, or 8 months of snow…. I do miss wearing nice boots and jackets, I miss wearing high heals, I miss a DISHWASHER, a garburator, plumbing, not having to empty the de-humidifiers, no bugs (scary ones), hahaha, I guess I’m getting carried away here!!!

    Dont’ get me wrong, I can name a LOT I don’t miss as well, but you brought back SO many good memories!

  6. That’s so funny- when I was living in Scotland, I would dance for joy when I saw a black person! It happened about once a month. For real.

    I also totally missed having a dryer. I hate waiting 24 hours to wear my clothes!

  7. so many of those things i just take for granted. i can’t imagine not being able to find above a b cup. the girls would be very uncomfortable.

  8. OMG…..you made me want to cry….and I don’t get all weepy as a rule…..things we take so much for granted….like starbucks.. fall, sleeping in the cold under a comforter….wow…..I know its kinda like paradise…..but there is something to be said for seasons….
    I’m so glad to have found your blog…..
    All the Best!

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