Who Wants to Check Out My Photography Skills?

It’s an exciting weekend… yesterday I went to see my bridesmaid and BFF Julie sing with her new band at one of my fave bars, Diablitros.

And guess what else? My Mommy is coming to Cancun today!!! In just 6 hours! I’m sitting at my workdesk extremely excited. We’re gonna go to Merida with my fiance and in-laws to see the hacienda, choose a menu, choose a table setup, and get my hair trial done. Soooo awesome.

Anyway, this means that I’ll be MIA til Monday. However, when I return, I should have awesome wedding planning pictures from Merida, along with a post on Julie’s concert.

For now, I’ll leave you with some really cool pictures of some of the flash rainstorms we’ve been having lately in Cancun.

Usually the rain comes in from the south. The other day it came in from the north. This is the Hotel Zone as seen from my office window. See how the left half of it is covered by a quickly spreading cloud? DOOM! Doom for the tourists!


Torrential rain and ... sunshine? At the entrance to my office.


My neighborhood covered in rain and sunshine, from my friend's car window.

10 thoughts on “Who Wants to Check Out My Photography Skills?

  1. Ummm yeah. That post from Shan was actually from me. I was signed into her account to post my guest spot. 🙂

    The same comments still apply though!!

  2. I hope all your wedding planning went well! And seriously? You live in Cancun? Jealous! Those are great pictures. Love the last one with the rain on the window!

    Stopping by from SITS.

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