Starbucks Fashion

On a trip to Starbucks this week, I found this year’s new fashionable item.

Yes, that’s right! You can walk around Cancun with your permanent Starbucks cup in-hand, even if you’re just drinking water/a homemade smoothie/whatever! How fashionable! All for the low, low price of:

$205 pesos?!?! WHAT THE HECK, STARBUCKS?

I’ve seen these things on American blogs. Buying “permanent” smoothie cups at Kohls and whatnot. Now they’ve brought it here. Well, America, you can keep your fashion trends, because I’ll be walking around Cancun with THIS:

The lightweight version.

This one is *gasp* also reusable.

Exactly the same, only it weighs less and it’s FREE WITH YOUR DRINK.

Can someone explain?

13 thoughts on “Starbucks Fashion

  1. if the 205 pesos is the same value as Php 205, then that’s a steal. starbucks mugs sell for Php 250-345 here in manila.

    i have to agree, though, that the free cup is better. FREE is almost always better 🙂

  2. I’m cowering in my computer chair right now because I think part of this is directed at my Starbucks-esque hot-coffee container post/love from a few weeks ago….

    • Hey Amy! I still don’t get it. However, you’re version is more acceptable for 2 reasons:

      1. Yours is a permanent replacement for a paper cup. (Paper cups are generally not reusable, so it is better for the environment.) The one in my post is to replace a container that could be reusable on its own.

      2. The one in your post costs half of the one in my post.

      I still think you could easily get a thermos that’s much cuter than that cup, though.

      Don’t be afraid! haha

      • Haha okay, thanks for the reassurance. If it helps, I didn’t even splurge and buy one…Fiance bought one for me after seeing me admire them in Target time and time again. It’s a white ceramic cup with a hot pink silicon sleeve and hot pink silicon lid. Pretty cute, if you like pink, which I do. 🙂

  3. i just use the lovely portable reusable coffee mug from my house that didn’t cost much. i also like to make coffee at my house. i know it tastes good, but starbucks is ridiculous. i have to fight the pull of the wonderful soy lattes.

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