Great News!

Exciting news today!!

I’m being featured on another blog! Life is good.

Krysten over at After-I-Do does a special post called “Where I Live Wednesdays”. This Wednesday… it’s yours truly!

Make sure to stop by and read about why I love living in Cancun. Make sure to browse around her site, as well. Her posts are so fun and inspiring.

Where I Live Wednesday: Cancun, Mexico

For new friends linking over here from Krysten’s site, here are some of my fave posts:

How to Speak Like a Mexicano: American Slang

“Finding the Right Taco”

Hacienda Teya: The Perfect Wedding Location

11 thoughts on “Great News!

  1. Hi there! I found you over at Krysten’s and I’m so glad I did!! I have to say, I’m green with envy that you LIVE IN PARADISE. Gah. Now we just need to become bffs so I can come visit you, okay?? 😉 Ha… off to check out more of your world….

  2. Ah, Laura! Love the post you did and I would LOVE to go to Isla Mujeres for a romantic weekend getaway some day! Sounds and looks so beautiful! Thanks so much for your posts! I am so glad you found my blog.

  3. I think your blog will be my happy place for the next few days. I’m dying for a vacation to Mexico right now. I was married two years ago on Isla Mujeres and my friends and family are still talking about it. You truly live in paradise, what a lucky girl!

  4. Fantastic interview yesterday over at Krysten’s! I have only been to Cancun once, but reading about your life there made me want to visit again so badly. I loved it!

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