Wedding Plans: Target, Where Are You?

Jorge and I are at a loss. Well, Jorge is at a loss. I am asking God why there is no Target in Cancun.

We would love to register for gifts. I love presents. Jorge does, too, although he pretends to play it cool.

Here are our issues:

1. We don’t plan on living in Cancun for very long. (Maybe a few more years) So, we don’t need much stuff for the house. Mainly just some cheap furniture items and a few kitchen things.

2. In Cancun, people can only register at department stores (as far as I know). The two department stores that are acceptable for this include Liverpool and Chapur. They have gorgeous stuff, but do I need a $500 peso frying pan, when I can get the same one at Walmart for cheaper? No.

3. Can we just ask for things fom Walmart? There would probably be repeats. 4 blenders? Thanks, but no thanks.

4. We have guests coming in from the States, Merida and Cancun.

WHY IS THERE NO TARGET IN CANCUN?? This would solve all my problems. It’s as cheap as Walmart, and I can register. There you have it… no repeat gifts, don’t have to ask people to spend too much money.

The only thing that has occurred to us (which I think a few people have actually done) is to ask guests for money, if they feel so inclined. Set up an account, let them deposit. Good to go. BUT… is this tacky? Is it acceptable? Is it my only option? Also, I understand that Mexicans find it rude to not give a physical gift. Would I then just end up with a bunch of stuff I don’t necessarily need, if I didn’t register?

I’ve been trying to push the issue to the back of my mind, but it’s getting to be too late. WHAT TO DO???

What would you do?


"I walked into a Target, but I missed." -Mitch Hedberg

19 thoughts on “Wedding Plans: Target, Where Are You?

  1. Good luck with that–it is a difficult question. We registered at Liverpool and people also bought us things that were not on the list. I would like to know why there isn’t an IKEA here. 🙂

  2. You can register for target gifts online, I think, and your guests could have them shipped.

    I found you on SITS today and decided to stop in and see how you were doing.

  3. GF of mine has a wedding this year– she is registered w/ 3 stores that have ‘online” sites. I just purchased a gift set for her on Crate & Barrel. Amazon also has a registry. Your guests will have to pay for shipping but that’s an option.

    • I looooove Crate and Barrel. Maybe I could register for a few things for my American family to bring over!

      With Mexico there are 2 problems… very few companies ship to Mexico, and if they do shipping can cost up to $50. Also, Mexicans refuse to give card information online.

  4. ryan and i registered at walmart for our wedding. that was almost 3 years ago, so they may have changed, but i’m pretty sure i set up my registry online but people could still get stuff from the stores. they probably aren’t as good about scanning your registry to take things off (6 iced tea makers, for example) but that’s not all them, that’s ppl that don’t take the registry with them to make sure things are removed. and asking for gift cards could be a good option b/c then you can get the stuff you want. although returning stuff is a hassle, you can use the money from the unwanted or repeat gifts towards items you still need.

  5. The cash account sounds kinda strange. Most people would probably send a card instead with cash inside. But I’d still register SOMEWHERE just for out-of-towners. But just know that you’ll probably get alot of unwanted stuff anyway! You can always regift! It’s hard, but even if you DO register, my experience is that most Mexicans won’t go by that anyway. Ask for traditional-looking Mexican household items. These would be great to take back to the states and even regift if you have to. And it’ll be less likely to get 4 blenders and toasters etc.

  6. That’s a nightmare! I ADORE Target- I honestly couldn’t live without it. Actually, my friend from the UK is coming to visit soon and I asked her what she wanted to do when she came, and she said “can we go to Target?” I was like, “I love you. You are amazing!”

  7. Well technically, it’s considered taboo to ask for money, however, there is nothing wrong with setting up an account. In fact, I think there are honeymoon accounts you can create that people can drop money into if they choose. Then you just have to get your family (or whomever is hosting your bridal shower) to spread the word rather then you yourself asking.

    As for the Mexican tradition of physical gifts, I really do think you need to make a registry at least as a guide for them. Whether or not they actually shop from it is a totally different animal all together. I would do an online registry at Target for your Stateside friends. I mean, that’s what I would do.

    How exciting!!!

  8. I’ve never been to a Target (or a Walmart) so I guess I don’t know what I’m missing, but this post still gets a huge thumbs up for the Mitch Hedberg quote – he was hilarious!

  9. you’re right, registering for gifts would solve your problem.

    here in manila, it isnt frowned upon when the couple would rather receive cash than presents; actually, the guests prefer that so they wont have to worry what to give the couple. i remember one guest asking what we wanted when we handed our wedding invitation. hubby and i chorused, “microwave oven!”

    if it’s ok for the mexicans to gift you with cash, that’s fine. if they present you with stuff, maybe you can send out feelers this early on what you’d want to receive.

    and, yes, you are following me. i checked 🙂

  10. Hahaha – There are too many stores I could start to name that we dont’ have here that I sooo desperately want!! Crate and Barrell is definitely one of them!!!!

    I personally find it a bit tacky when ppl ask for money, but maybe I shouldn’t? I was raised by two VERY European parents and money is ALL you give at a wedding. Shower is for the big gifts.

    Liverpool and Chapur are definitely the best, but WAY more expensive than Walmart…. I mean they are more expensive than Costco! LOL!

    I think you should most def set up a registry for all your friends and family back home, and they can bring it down for you!!! You could also spread the word around here that you guys really don’t want “things” as you plan on moving, and your friends can tell ppl to show you the money!!! LOL!!

    Good luck!

  11. Register online! I was not in the mood to go to stores to register so I just did everything online – we registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target and had no problem doing either one. And it’s super easy!

  12. i love target with all my heart, but registering there sucked. their return policy is TERRIBLE for registries. cashiers would forget to take stuff off so we ended up with repeats and they refused to take anything back with out a receipt. maybe that will ease the pain that the target void has caused.
    if there is a bed bath & beyond, they will give you cash back for returns even if it isn’t on your registry.

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