My Saturday: Coconuts, Poodles and Impending Doom

First of all, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!

I’m really excited because my future in-laws are going to be celebrating 25 years of marriage on May 1st. They’re having a big party and renewing their vows. I get to be a madrina (kind of like a bridesmaid?), so in about 2 weeks you’ll be able to see pictures of a white girl wearing a traditional yucatecan dress. (Surprisingly, it looks pretty cute on me!)

For centerpieces, they’re making coconut candleholders, made from coconuts from my suegra’s hometown, a fishermen’s pueblito on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Here’s an example of a finished product:

So, this Saturday, we spent the day sanding coconuts on the front patio of my fiance’s family’s house. There are 130 coconuts total, and I’m pretty sure we only got about 20 done. Not a very good showing, but we have almost two more weeks.

My suegro sanding a coconut

The dogs got in on the action (standing: my dog Dolly, sitting: my dog Suki, lying down: my suegros' dog Sisi)

This is the face I wake up to every morning. (Suki)

Not howling, just smiling! (Dolly)

Guarding the gate (Suki and Dolly)

They got into an argument, and Suki laid the smackdown on Dolly.

What followed was about 30 seconds of ear biting and head jerking. Dolly was not happy.

After a few hours of productive coconut sanding, we had to move the party indoors because of the cloud of impending doom. The sun was fun while it lasted.

12 thoughts on “My Saturday: Coconuts, Poodles and Impending Doom

    • Suki is actually a lot bigger, and she’s kind of cream-colored.

      Dolly is very tiny and very white.

      Also, I usually leave longer hair on Suki’s face (with a terrier-like mustache). Dolly has a shaved face.

      Dolly and Sisi (her mom) look almost exactly the same, except Dolly is much smaller. 🙂

  1. Hi Stopping by from SITS..Love the coconut shells. Very creative. Love your sweet poodles. I have a toy myself…How sweet they are and so true. they are the greatest. Each has their own personality. Thanks for sharing.

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