My Birthday! … and Rain.

Yay! The big 2-4! I’ll be sure to post celebratory pics this weekend (or Monday…whatever).

Does this make me a grown-up yet? It does? … Oh well. Adolescence was fun while it lasted.

On a sad note, remember how I was bragging about my view from my desk? Well, the last two days it has looked more like this:

And this…

My street:

Today, the sun seems to be making an effort to peek out, but Wednesday and Thursday were plagued by leaky ceilings, general boredom, lots of mopping, flooded streets and strung-out dogs that peed on my bed (twice) and vomited in my living room (5 or 6 times). (Sorry, Cyndi!)

I rejoice only in the fact that I’m not a tourist who paid thousands of dollars to sit in a hotel room this week. Poor guys 🙁 At least Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were nice.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t rain tonight for my b-day celebrations!

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