Ya'll Are Jealous

Good morning!

Today, I’d just like to add on a little more proof that my life is friggin awesome.

This week, my department moved up to the 5th floor at work. My desk is right next to a huge window!! That’s right… from my chair, I can see this:

Beautiful view looking out over the mangrove forest

By turning my head to the left, I have a beautiful panoramic view of Cancun’s Hotel Zone and a bit of the lagoon. We like to watch the parasailers. 🙂

To the right, there's a great view of the main road, along with a few office buildings and my Starbucks! We like to keep an eye out for the awesome cars parked at Starbucks.

We also like to do some mangrove birdwatching from time to time. The picture shows a white ibis. We also see a lot of hawks and Yucatan jays.

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