Mexican Ghost Stories: The Mirror

*Update: Suki made it out of surgery just fine, although stumbling around quite a lot before falling over and sleeping. (Pretty funny… not gonna lie.) This morning she was able to walk around a bit, pee (came out yellow! yay!), eat, drink some water, and stand on two legs while wagging her tail! The vet gave me the bladder stone, which was pretty friggin big! (2cm x 2cm x 1 cm). Everyone in Jorge’s family asked if we were sure it wasn’t something she’d swallowed… because how can a dog that small produce something so big? Crazy. The lump on her back is probably from a shot she had received from another vet about a month ago, and should go away over the next few weeks. *

This week, I’m featuring a series on Mexican ghost stories I’ve heard during my five years here. For other scary entries, you can click on the following:

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Here goes the one that personally gives me the most chills (Tiffanie, this one’s for you!):

The Mirror

Viri is one of my best friends and one of my bridesmaids. Jorge and I often visit her house, hanging out with her parents in their front garden. (There’s always dinner and brandy to be had! Gotta love Mexican hospitality.) One night, we were talking about horror movies. Viri’s father began to tell us the story of a friend of his.

This lady had bought an antique mirror and hung it in her bedroom. Little by little, she started to become more and more strangely obsessed with this mirror. She often found herself staring into it, and couldn’t remember how she got there. Other times, she would stare into the mirror and become depressed, often considering killing herself.

Worried about the powers of the mirror, she tried to break it, but couldn’t. So, she decided to give the mirror to a friend. (I know, I know. Maybe it wasn’t so good of a friend if she thought it would be a good idea to re-gift a cursed mirror.)

About six months later, she was celebrating her birthday at her house. One of her coworkers had brought her a gift, which turned out to be… the mirror.

6 thoughts on “Mexican Ghost Stories: The Mirror

  1. Agh! Goosebumps again. And some friends they are, haha. I would say, thanks but no thanks.

    And for the record I DO NOT sleep with any mirrors near my bed( I do not like looking into them when it’s dark). If it’s dark I can’t look into a mirror. Call me crazy, but maybe I just have seen too many horror movies!!!

    Love these posts though!!

  2. Ang: I’ve been putting up one every morning. Tomorrow’s the last one! No idea what she did with the mirror… I would have regifted it the next day.

    Tiffanie: Mirrors never bothered me much! I did recently learn from a few Mexicans that you should never place a mirror in a place where it reflects you while you sleep. Apparently it steals your soul or something… whatever haha. Haven’t seen that mirror horror movie though, and I certainly don’t plan on it!

  3. So the mirror is being passed around?? I have mirrors all over my bedroom and I usually sleep pretty good, mirrors have never been creepy to me….

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