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I’m the Scoop of the Week over at the Drama Mama’s blog The Scoop on Poop (that name makes me giggle every time!)

Head on over to check out my answer to her question, “If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?”

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Make sure to explore the Drama Mama’s site while your over there. She has awesome featured bloggers (loved the Lady Gaga post last week), hilarious stories about her kids and some pretty unique giveaways.

I’ll also be guest blogging for her on Monday, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

Her motto is, “Because real life is full of poop.” As the proud owner of two dogs, I can attest to that.

I may not be around much this weekend because my future in-laws are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, so all the aunts, uncles and cousins will be in town. I should have some awesome pictures next week, though!

Calorie Counting with Gringation for Thursday, April 29:

1,530 calories



Corn Pops

Lamb kebab with lettuce, tomato, onion and dressing

Fries and Ketchup (about 10)

Can of Coca-Cola

Philadelphia Cream Cheese on Sandwich Bread (2 slices)

Calorie Counting with Gringation

So… I’m dieting for my upcoming wedding. Fun fun fun.

Actually, it’s not so bad! What seems to work best for me and my lifestyle is calorie counting. It’s a great way to continue eating things you like, just controlling the portions. I was doing it back in December, and I lost 10 pounds in a little over a month. I’ve maintained the new weight, but haven’t lost anymore since I stopped actually counting.

To get back on track, I’m doing the same thing again, but aiming for less calories. Before, it was 1700 a day. Now, it’s down to 1400. In addition to my normal posts, I’ll also include what I ate the day before and how many total calories it was. Not that you really care what I eat… but so you can see that I eat pretty well even while dieting! Plus it holds me accountable.

I’m starting at 70 kg (154 pounds).

The first two days have been… ok calorie-wise. Not great. Here goes:

Tuesday, April 27: 1,520 calories


Chocolate chip cookie

Grapefruit juice

Starbucks veggie and cheese sandwich

2 slices of pizza

1 glass of Fanta orange soda

Wednesday, April 28: 1,844 calories 🙁


Chocolate chip cookie

Vegetable and meatball soup

Salad with beets, tomato and ranch dressing

Horchata (sweetened rice milk)

2 Chips Ahoy

Tilapia in Salsa de Chipotle… YUM! (thanks for the recipe, Leslie!)

PB & J (BOOOO! You’re weak! Have to remember to combine the fish with some sort of carb later so I don’t cave with the PB & J… or just throw out the peanut butter.)

Today should be interesting. Probably gonna get a lamb kebab from my fave place on Avenida Kabah 🙂

What I Miss About the US

In the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about things I miss from the States. Maybe because my mom came to visit. Maybe it’s just one of the culture shock phases. I dunno. Anyway, here’s a list of things I miss the most about the good ole U.S. of A. (Virginia and NC, in particular!)

-My family

-My American friends

-Sleeping cuddled up under a heavy comforter

-Tall trees

-Seasons (Fall, where are you?)


-Well-paved streets

-Correct traffic signage

-Respectful drivers

-An internet connection that doesn’t lose signal every week

-Watching primetime TV shows on a television set (watching on the internet is nice because you can choose what time to watch it… but it’s much less comfortable)

-Watching movies/TV without subtitles

-Using an oven

-Not having to unplug appliances when they’re not in use

-Throwing toilet paper into the toilet, not the wastebasket

-Ukrops (Richmonders know what I’m talking about!)



-American Eagle

-Bottom’s Up Pizza (another Richmond thing)

-Forever 21

-Victoria’s Secret

-Finding bras in something other than a B-cup

-Central AC and heating

-Wearing boots and sweaters

-Not having bars on the windows


-Walking around the house barefoot

-Being able to plan on purchasing something without someone saying “Let me call my uncle/cousin/neighbor. He can get it for you cheaper.” They rarely can, and if they do, it’s gonna take at least 2 weeks before they can get in touch with them.

-Starbucks Peppermint Mocha during Christmastime

-Cold weather at Christmastime


-Smooth walls

-Not having tons of scary dogs barking at me when I walk down the street

-America’s version of Mexican food (I love me a ground beef burrito covered in sauce and mixed cheese! Mmmm!) Don’t even get me started on the nachos and salsa.

-Racial diversity (I get all excited when I see black people)

Overall I love living here. There are tons of pros (perfect for a future list!), but there are some things that I greatly miss.

Wedding Plans: Another Visit to Hacienda Teya

Mommy’s visit was very productive! I went with her, fiance and my future in-laws to Merida to sign contracts with some vendors, to do a trial run for my hairstyle (yay!) and to visit the hacienda to do a food tasting and pick table settings. It was a busy (and hot) day, but we got everything done we wanted to and then some.

I can’t show you pictures of everything (have to maintain some mystery up until the wedding), but I’ll distract you with beautiful pictures of the hacienda.

Mommy at the hacienda's restaurant (I want those tiles!)


There was an event going on while we were there... can we do THIS at our wedding?


Mommy and me checking out one of the bedrooms

Me & Jorge

Me & Mommy

Mis Suegros

Thai Lounge

I’ve got some great pics coming to ya this week! My mom (“Mommy”) came to visit and do some wedding stuff. So much fun!

On Friday night, I took her out to one of my favorite restaurants in Cancun (or anywhere, for that matter)… Thai Lounge. It is GORGEOUS. It’s located at Plaza La Isla in the Hotel Zone (where fiance proposed). The restaurant itself feels like you’re in the middle of a jungle, looking out over the lagoon. The food is amazing, although a bit spicy. It’s pretty expensive, but well worth the experience. I’d like to bring fiance here! Maybe to save some cash we could just have some drinks and hang out.

Here you will witness some pretty bad photography on my part. I always seem to need to take pictures at night, but I can never figure out how to do it. With flash takes away all the cool lighting ambiance pretty much anywhere. No flash lets you feel the ambiance, but things get so blurry! Anyone who knows how to do this is perfectly free to give me some pointers.

The entrance to Thai Lounge (See? Beautiful lighting, but blurry!)

The entrance again... with flash.

private palapas set up over the lagoon

Our palapa for two

Inside our palapa! Check out the couch! How cute is this?

Mommy 🙂

I considered telling ya’ll to just Google Thai Lounge Cancun to see some more professional, high-quality pics, but apparently there aren’t many! Someone with photography skills needs to get on that, FAST.

I guess it’s just one of those places you have to see for yourself. Photos will never do it justice. Mommy and I had some awesome conversations and some amazing food.

Who Wants to Check Out My Photography Skills?

It’s an exciting weekend… yesterday I went to see my bridesmaid and BFF Julie sing with her new band at one of my fave bars, Diablitros.

And guess what else? My Mommy is coming to Cancun today!!! In just 6 hours! I’m sitting at my workdesk extremely excited. We’re gonna go to Merida with my fiance and in-laws to see the hacienda, choose a menu, choose a table setup, and get my hair trial done. Soooo awesome.

Anyway, this means that I’ll be MIA til Monday. However, when I return, I should have awesome wedding planning pictures from Merida, along with a post on Julie’s concert.

For now, I’ll leave you with some really cool pictures of some of the flash rainstorms we’ve been having lately in Cancun.

Usually the rain comes in from the south. The other day it came in from the north. This is the Hotel Zone as seen from my office window. See how the left half of it is covered by a quickly spreading cloud? DOOM! Doom for the tourists!


Torrential rain and ... sunshine? At the entrance to my office.


My neighborhood covered in rain and sunshine, from my friend's car window.

Starbucks Fashion

On a trip to Starbucks this week, I found this year’s new fashionable item.

Yes, that’s right! You can walk around Cancun with your permanent Starbucks cup in-hand, even if you’re just drinking water/a homemade smoothie/whatever! How fashionable! All for the low, low price of:

$205 pesos?!?! WHAT THE HECK, STARBUCKS?

I’ve seen these things on American blogs. Buying “permanent” smoothie cups at Kohls and whatnot. Now they’ve brought it here. Well, America, you can keep your fashion trends, because I’ll be walking around Cancun with THIS:

The lightweight version.

This one is *gasp* also reusable.

Exactly the same, only it weighs less and it’s FREE WITH YOUR DRINK.

Can someone explain?

Great News!

Exciting news today!!

I’m being featured on another blog! Life is good.

Krysten over at After-I-Do does a special post called “Where I Live Wednesdays”. This Wednesday… it’s yours truly!

Make sure to stop by and read about why I love living in Cancun. Make sure to browse around her site, as well. Her posts are so fun and inspiring.

Where I Live Wednesday: Cancun, Mexico

For new friends linking over here from Krysten’s site, here are some of my fave posts:

How to Speak Like a Mexicano: American Slang

“Finding the Right Taco”

Hacienda Teya: The Perfect Wedding Location

Wedding Plans: Target, Where Are You?

Jorge and I are at a loss. Well, Jorge is at a loss. I am asking God why there is no Target in Cancun.

We would love to register for gifts. I love presents. Jorge does, too, although he pretends to play it cool.

Here are our issues:

1. We don’t plan on living in Cancun for very long. (Maybe a few more years) So, we don’t need much stuff for the house. Mainly just some cheap furniture items and a few kitchen things.

2. In Cancun, people can only register at department stores (as far as I know). The two department stores that are acceptable for this include Liverpool and Chapur. They have gorgeous stuff, but do I need a $500 peso frying pan, when I can get the same one at Walmart for cheaper? No.

3. Can we just ask for things fom Walmart? There would probably be repeats. 4 blenders? Thanks, but no thanks.

4. We have guests coming in from the States, Merida and Cancun.

WHY IS THERE NO TARGET IN CANCUN?? This would solve all my problems. It’s as cheap as Walmart, and I can register. There you have it… no repeat gifts, don’t have to ask people to spend too much money.

The only thing that has occurred to us (which I think a few people have actually done) is to ask guests for money, if they feel so inclined. Set up an account, let them deposit. Good to go. BUT… is this tacky? Is it acceptable? Is it my only option? Also, I understand that Mexicans find it rude to not give a physical gift. Would I then just end up with a bunch of stuff I don’t necessarily need, if I didn’t register?

I’ve been trying to push the issue to the back of my mind, but it’s getting to be too late. WHAT TO DO???

What would you do?


"I walked into a Target, but I missed." -Mitch Hedberg

My Saturday: Coconuts, Poodles and Impending Doom

First of all, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!

I’m really excited because my future in-laws are going to be celebrating 25 years of marriage on May 1st. They’re having a big party and renewing their vows. I get to be a madrina (kind of like a bridesmaid?), so in about 2 weeks you’ll be able to see pictures of a white girl wearing a traditional yucatecan dress. (Surprisingly, it looks pretty cute on me!)

For centerpieces, they’re making coconut candleholders, made from coconuts from my suegra’s hometown, a fishermen’s pueblito on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Here’s an example of a finished product:

So, this Saturday, we spent the day sanding coconuts on the front patio of my fiance’s family’s house. There are 130 coconuts total, and I’m pretty sure we only got about 20 done. Not a very good showing, but we have almost two more weeks.

My suegro sanding a coconut

The dogs got in on the action (standing: my dog Dolly, sitting: my dog Suki, lying down: my suegros' dog Sisi)

This is the face I wake up to every morning. (Suki)

Not howling, just smiling! (Dolly)

Guarding the gate (Suki and Dolly)

They got into an argument, and Suki laid the smackdown on Dolly.

What followed was about 30 seconds of ear biting and head jerking. Dolly was not happy.

After a few hours of productive coconut sanding, we had to move the party indoors because of the cloud of impending doom. The sun was fun while it lasted.