Mexican Ghost Stories: Bad Dreams

*Note: Suki the Mexican Poodle has surgery this morning! I also found a large lump on her lower back yesterday, which worries me. Prayers are welcome.*

This week, I’m posting various ghost stories that I’ve heard throughout my time living in Mexico. If you missed out on my last post, check it out here:

The Beach House

The Mirror

The Guestroom

Ok… here’s one that really creeped me out a few months ago.

Bad Dreams

My fiance’s brother, Darwin, has always been afraid of the dark. Even at the age of 22, he still insists on sleeping with the light on. He has his own room, while Jorge and his other brother share a second room.

About a year ago, Darwin began sleeping in his brothers’ room. (Jorge and Darwin each in a bed, and the other bro in a hammock.) One day, I asked him what was wrong with his room? Why wasn’t he sleeping there? To which he replied, “I’ve been having these awful dreams… and it’s because of that room. There’s just a heavy atmosphere in there. I can’t stand it.”

Right at that moment, my dog Suki walked over to the door of Darwin’s bedroom, sat down, stared into it, and began to growl.

11 thoughts on “Mexican Ghost Stories: Bad Dreams

  1. i had to skip reading the ghost stories. i dont do well with that. obviously, i dont watch horror movies.

    anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog. i’m trying to change the layout and it’s killing me.

    how’s suki?

  2. Agh! Thanks for all the goose bumps this week! I do believe ghosts are real, not a nut, just have had a few dealings with strange things like this stuff in my past!!! CRAZY! My youngest when she was 3 kept seeing a man in our mirror in our garage. She was scared of him at first, but then one day she told me, “It’s ok mommy, he said he doesn’t want to hurt me!” My then husband was a skeptic but I threw a huge fit and told him That Mirror goes, Or I GO!!! It was out that same day…My daughter is almost 6 and the other day while visiting him(he has a new mirror now) She asked if that was the same one she saw the man in!!! If she remembers that and we don’t talk about it EVER she must really believe it!

  3. Cheri: c’mon, you know you wanna read it! haha. Suki’s in surgery today, so hopefully I’ll have updates by tomorrow! Thanks for asking.

    Amy: I had no idea until I got here, either! But, as a friend once said to me, Americans are the ones making all the ghost movies, not Mexicans. Good point.

    Tiffanie: So creepy! How does she remember that? Tomorrow I’m posting a creepy mirror story, so I hope you come back and post your thoughts as someone with a similar experience.

  4. I do believe, and I’m not crazy! I also believe that we return to earth as a living thing. I never wanted a dog, but got one as a birthday present one year. My schnauzer was my baby. And I think she was my late father returning. Now my little baby is in heaven with my father. Crazy .. NO, I believe!

  5. I used to believe in reincarnation but now I’m not sure. I’ve had many weird things like this happen. I do believe there is something going on we can’t explain.

  6. not cool! However… I can’t stop reading, so I will continue… until you scare me out of my wits!

    Prayers for the pup… hope it went well!!

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