Mexican Ghost Stories: The Beach House

One of the biggest cultural differences I’ve found between Mexico and the USA is that Mexico tends to believe more in superstitions and the supernatural. This is not to say that no one in the States believes in ghosts, nor that everyone in Mexico does! I will say that I have never heard of any of my American friends seeing a ghost, whereas numerous Mexican friends of mine have stories.


Over the next week, I will be posting some of the favorite ghost stories I’ve heard over my last 5 years here.

Here goes one that I heard a few months ago from Jorge:

The Beach House

My suegra is from a small beach town on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula called Chabihau, near Merida. She and her brother both own the house they grew up in, but today it has been divided into two separate houses (both of which are still under construction). Whenever we visit, we always sleep in hammocks in the larger bedroom.

Jorge pushing his little cousin on a swing right outside the beach house

About 4 or 5 years ago (before he met me), my fiance Jorge had brought some of his friends from Cancun to visit Chabihau. One night, Jorge, his friends and his cousins packed their things into their suitcases in preparation for leaving the next day. One friend had left his camera sitting out.

They were hanging out outside the house, when they saw the flash from the camera go off and the lights to the house suddenly went out. Being the wimps that they are, they freaked out, left, and slept at someone else’s house.

The next morning, they returned to the house only to find their suitcases opened and all their belongings strewn all over the floor of the larger bedroom, even though the door to the house had been locked. Back in Cancun, one of Jorge’s friends tried to reveal the photos from the trip… and they all came back white.

A bunch of guys with too much beer? Or a haunted Mexican beach town?

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8 thoughts on “Mexican Ghost Stories: The Beach House

  1. scary!
    I tend to get pretty creepd out by ghost stories… so … ummm… don’t feel bad if I don’t comment on your series… because… well… I may not read them all.

    I’m such a loser 🙁

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  4. Probably way too much beer but, seriously, I can’t hear ghost stories – they scare the heck out of me. Hahaha. I don’t believe in this sort of stuff but it still scares me. 😛

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