Suki the Mexican Poodle: Upcoming Surgery

What a trooper!

Remember the peeing issues my dog was having a few weeks ago?

It seemed innocent enough at the time, but a few days later blood started to show up in her urine. Talk about scary! Obviously our first stop was the vet, who gave her a shot and prescribed some strong antibiotics for the following week. That night, Suki started vomiting uncontrollably (8 times in one night! have to get a new rug…).

A friend highly recommended another vet, who I visited a few days later. She’s so popular, there’s always a looong line for a consult! They don’t take reservations.

She was so sweet. They ran some urine tests which all came back fine, letting us know that her kidneys and liver were working perfectly. The vet assumed it was just a urinary tract infection, and prescribed some milder antibiotics.

2 weeks later… no change. Suki even began to pee more frequently and would wake me up every 2 hours each night just to go out. (I finally just started leaving the back door open all night.) Even though she still has tons of energy and always has a smile on her face, I can tell she’s in pain… especially when she pees.

I called the vet, who asked to see her again to decide if she needed x-rays or an ultrasound. Turns out an ultrasound would be the best bet! So the following morning (yesterday) we went to get her ultrasound.

The doctor found a large stone in her bladder. It was scary to see on the screen, since it takes up an entire half of her bladder. (stone was 2cm x 2cm) He said she will definitely need surgery, since the stone is far too big to pass or break down. *sigh*

When asked what the cause might be, I was very surprised by his answer. Apparently, it’s not good to give your dog kibble every day!! Crazy! Actually, it’s pretty logical. Since dogs are carnivores, large amounts of carbohydrates can cause stones, mainly when there’s an existing genetic predisposition. Turns out kibble has lots of carbs. So from now on, it’s ground beef, chicken and tuna four times a week for this pup!

Her surgery is on Wednesday, so I’m a little nervous. Luckily it’s a common procedure and she’s young, so the doctor doesn’t foresee any issues. I can’t imagine how it must feel when this happens to a child! I’m already freaking out, and it’s just a dog, for crying out loud.

12 thoughts on “Suki the Mexican Poodle: Upcoming Surgery

    • Thanks, Ang! It should be fine, according to the doctor. Luckily my fiance’s on Spring Break (maybe I’m jealous) and he’ll be able to take care of her while I’m at work. I’ll leave updates 🙂

  1. Glad the problem was diagnosed and the surgery will help poor doggy to feel better soon. I just switched my cats over to “Evo, the Ancestral Diet” carb-free

  2. Give her a big kiss and a huge hug from me! I’ll be saying a prayer for her on Wednesday. She is a dog, but she is also your baby!

  3. “It’s just a dog” is not a valid phrase. People shouldn’t be allowed use it, because to be truthful dogs become a part of your family. THey are almost like children!

    Good luck to her – she looks like a little trooper!

  4. Ashlie: Thanks, girl!

    Kristi: Looked it up on google… sounds cool! I’ll have to investigate if they have it here in Mexico.

    KfromMichigan: I will! and thanks for the prayers.

    Magpie: I know! My friends think I’m crazy for being so attached, but I just love her to pieces.

  5. i’m one of those who can genuinely say “i know what you’re going through” because my son underwent surgery at 6 weeks old. yes, it can be pretty scary so ask all the questions to your vet. it’s better to be scared and know things than not knowing anything at all.

    thank you for the kind words. jackjack is getting better, i think.

    hang in there 🙂

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