I Got My Man a Super Nintendo Part 2

Remember this from yesterday??

We moved the Super Nintendo to my house last weekend so Jorge could play while I cleaned. The landlord showed up with his 7-year-old son and his 2 daughters to check on some plumbing issues. The little boy heard the Nintendo noises, and we had a lovely conversation that went something like this:

Kid: Is that a Wii inside?

Me: No, it’s a Super Nintendo.

Kid: Playstation 3?

Me: No… it’s one of the popular ones from about 15 years ago… before Wii. An old Nintendo. From when I was a kid.

Kid: Playstation 3?

Me: No.

Kid: *blank stare*

Me: Why don’t you go play with your sister?

*sigh* What are they teaching kids these days?

P.S. The Super Nintendo is still plugged in at my house. My evil plan to make it all mine has worked. BWA-HA-HA-HA!

4 thoughts on “I Got My Man a Super Nintendo Part 2

  1. Oh goodie! Now just make sure you don’t spend your days and nights trying to rescue Princess Peach or your life will slip through your fingers before you know it!!

    And seriously. Kids these days. They totally missed out!

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