I Got My Man a Super Nintendo

For my fiance’s birthday/Christmas present, I bought him an old-school Super Nintendo off of MercadoLibre.com (the Mexican version of E-Bay!), complete with Street Fighter II, Aladdin, Super Mario World, and Super Mario Kart, plus a crazy-hard game called Prince of Persia (movie coming out soon) that my parents had gotten him. Needless to say, I’m psyched. I couldn’t wait to kick some butt on Super Mario Kart!!! (My sisters and I are pretty awesome.)

Suki the Mexican Poodle was psyched as well, despite her lack of opposable thumbs, which unfortunately made it impossible for her to beat me in the first Bowser’s Castle level of Mario Kart.

It works!

Just look at Birthday Boy’s excitement! Apparently, he can still play Super Mario World while blindfolded. Ok, we haven’t tried it blindfolded, but he does have craaaazy muscle memory from childhood! He knows when those troopas are gonna pop up.

14 thoughts on “I Got My Man a Super Nintendo

  1. haha, I kept my super nintendo forever, it was the BEST!!! I only gave it up a couple years ago. I think it’s insane some of the things my children won’t even know about that were a big part of my childhood. So fun that you bought it for your man, that’s a great gift!!!

  2. Cheese and crackers….I remember those grey cartridges!

    I should get you a Commodore 64 for your birthday so that you can see what we played back in my day.

  3. That is an amazing present!! Dammit I wish Scrubs was more into video games so I could get him this (and then steal it off him and play with it non-stop)!

  4. I totally remember the Super Nintendo. I’m busy trying to convince GC that the Nintendo Wii is a NECESSITY not a luxury, to go with his PS3. If you want to go really old school, get an Atari 64. They don’t make them like that anymore.

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  6. Best. Birthday Present. Ever. 😀

    I’m a big Nintendo geek and couldn’t live without my DS so I love this. Haha. My brother’s girlfriend got him one of those old Mega Drives for his birthday last year.

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