Cancun Fire Drill

This is the emergency exit (I use the term loosely) at my office building. Notice anything… emm… unsafe?

**Keep in mind that the only other exits are two revolving doors that require individual keycard access. There are hundreds of people in the building, and I’m on the fifth floor. If there’s an actual fire, I’m screwed.

17 thoughts on “Cancun Fire Drill

  1. That’s crazy!! Thanks for your posts on my blog. Still trying to figure out which color will work best on my bed, haha. I’m very much leaning towards white.

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  3. Thanks to everyone for the advice! I’ll put together an emergency office kit, including (but not limited to) the following:

    A tiny axe
    A large extinguisher
    A rope

    Good news: My department is moving to another floor next week… and my desk is right up against a full-wall window! Hope it’s not axe-proof!

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