"Finding the Right Taco"

Oh, boy! Do I have a treat for ya’ll today! This beauty rolled across my computer screen yesterday afternoon, and I have been dying to post it.

First, a little context: I work at a travel agency office. My department is in charge of writing all the texts that go on the website (hotel descriptions, destination info, tours, etc). My specific job is a Copy Editor. Since most of the writing is done by Mexicans, my job is to edit and correct their English before it gets put online. (I do this job along with one other American girl and a Brit guy.)

When someone applies for a job in my department, they have to write a sample text in English, to see if their English is up-to-par. They can write one page on anything they want. Literally, anything. These texts are then sent to us Copy Editors to judge.

Here’s a sample text from a hopeful job applicant that we got yesterday. (I’m only including the best paragraph!)

*Note: I’m not criticizing his English. Just… just read it. You’ll see.*

Here goes:


“Gringa”, for those who don’t know, means “American Chic.. or Girl…” got it? And the term compares this dish with a really-hot-american-chic… I mean, with a GREAT RACK! So this type of Quesadilla + Taco (because it has a double layer tortilla with everything that you can put inside and lots and lots of melted cheese) is very popular at all those tacos’ stands or restaurants (probably you’ve tried one already) but what’s disappointing here is that these Gringas are not as lush and exuberant as the ones I’ve tried before… These are more like the kind of anorexic-with-few-rack-kinda-girls… So it has become a real adventure to try as many Gringas as possible, in hopes of finding the one that I can call my pretty-not-so-little-chubby-one! Cuz hell, I like ‘em big!

**Side note: This is a gringa taco, for those who aren't in the know.

25 thoughts on “"Finding the Right Taco"

  1. I have tried that quesadilla and taco combination somewhere here in the Philippines, and I loved the contrast of the texture of the two. Its 1:41 am here, and Im hungry that I could eat a cow!!

    Stopping by from SITS…. Have a great day!!

  2. I like this guy! In my head I translated it to Spanish and all I have to say is WOW!

    It’s Friday and it’s Lent, but I am seriously craving tacos, gringas and caprichos. (Caprichos are very much like gringas, except they are made with corn tortillas.) I have the recipe for Caprichos on my food blog. And just this week, I was thinking of posting the Gringa recipe. 🙂

    So, did the guy get the job? 🙂

  3. Please tell me you gave him the job. I mean, anyone who’s willing to apply to a job writing about chicks and their racks needs to get this job for courage alone!

  4. Kristin: Yes, very entertaining! I was unashamedly cackling at my desk when I read it for the first time.

    Mhe-Lhanee: It is a great combination! I usually order it when I go to taco places because I love cheese and flour tortillas. (I always get a lot of “gringa” jokes when I order it.)

    Leslie: Haven’t heard of caprichos! Sounds yummy. I’ll make sure to link you in when you post the gringa recipe 🙂

    Magpie: Unfortunately, he wasn’t hired based on his poor English grammar and punctuation. The other “gringa” in my office wanted to “rip him a new one”, so it’s a good thing he never came in for an interview. Personally, I wanted to hire him for entertainment value alone.

  5. ROFL. Quite entertaining! I teach 5th grade English in Reynosa, the dirty, dangerous border town where we don’t dare go out at night. Or in the day. I was checking out another colegio (school) in town that is suppose to be known for the English program. This must be some of the worst translations I have ever seen. Check it out.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I put you on the McKlinky so others can stop by too. THanks for my huge taco craving now! I wish we had some authentic Mexican restaurants here (just wannabe’s).

  7. Oh wow, that was totally worth the read! Loved it!

    And hey thanks for stopping by my blog during my guest bloggers week! Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

  8. Whatever he lacked in grammar and punctuation he more than made up for in entertainment value! You should hire him simply to do guest posts on your blog! (Yikes!)

  9. HA! Hysterical! But OMG those tacos look good. Although, after having them described as gringas with racks, they did somewhat lose their appeal..

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. what the —-? now, i’m not sure if i should be hungry or offended…

    but it is funny. i wonder how you can keep a straight face during an interview…

    oh, what is green spaghetti? i’m curious 🙂

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