Spring Break Cancun 2010! Woooo!

Aaaah, yes. It’s mid-March. The bugambilias and hibiscus are in full bloom. The birds are especially chipper. The sea breeze cools down the warm atmosphere. The air smells faintly of sunshine… and booze.

Yes, folks, it’s Spring Break 2010 in Cancun, Mexico. Us locals are soooo excited to watch the gringos locos get completely trashed, as they unfailingly manage to do every single year.

Cancunense boys will undoubtedly try to flirt their way through awkward, broken English in (surprisingly successful) attempts to chat up drunk sexy gringas.

The Hotel Zone will surely be filled with groups of Spring Breakers trying to jaywalk sprint across the streets of Party Center without getting hit by a frustrated taxista.

The public bus system will overflow with obnoxiously loud exuberant college students screaming at the bus driver to let them off NOW, unaware that the bus can only stop at bus stops, not just randomly in the middle of the road. (“Dude, what’s your deal?! My hotel was back there!!”)

Nightclubs in Party Center will sponsor over-the-top bikini contests (most of which are rigged, by the way… but something tells me that nobody really cares).

Groups of Gringos will wander around downtown Cancun, lost and asking for directions to Walmart and Market 28. If you don’t speak English, they may speak loudly to eachother in English about how ignorant you are.

The streets will echo with joyous cries of “Dude, I’m so f***ing wasted!”, “Where’s our hotel?”, “Spring Break 2010! Woooo!”, and “Ladies, this is THE BEST disco in Cancun! Just come in and see! Don’t walk away… wait! Ladies!”

So come on over, Spring Breakers! We’re ready for ya! Just be safe, be respectful of locals and spring breakers alike, and please… PLEASE… try to use your indoor voices while out and about. It’s embarrassing for the rest of us when you don’t.

6 thoughts on “Spring Break Cancun 2010! Woooo!

  1. Oh… ha sounds like our version of St Patrick’s only it’s not only one day! Nightmare! WIll have to go to Cancun sometime it looks like an amazing place…

  2. Due I miss Cancun this time of year. I love watching the kids make such a FOOL of themselves. Spring breakers .. if only their parents could see them!
    I’ll be there later this year! Can’t wait for you to write a few interesting stories from party central.

  3. Can you just hand them a list “from one gringa to another” …just to warn them! I’m glad you look forward to this time of the year! At least you’ll have lots of fun stories to blog about!

  4. We heard on the street yesterday that the President of Mexico will be in Cancun on Sunday. We certainly have noticed an increased police and military presence. Will this help the spring break kids behave themselves? LOL, I doubt it.
    We are loving our time here in Cancun!

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