Is Cancun Safe? YES.

Sorry guys, I had a more upbeat post planned for ya, but recent events in other parts of the Republica Mexicana made me feel the need to put in my two cents.

I’m pretty upset to hear about the issues in Ciudad Juarez and in Acapulco, since I have many dear friends in both cities. I’m sorry for the victims’ families.

I am very frustrated, however, with the bad rap Cancun has been getting in the past few years due to issues going on in other parts of the country.

Last year around this time, we went through a tough recession due to the outbreak of the swine flu (which never even reached Cancun), not to mention the fact that the States was warning tourists not to travel to Mexico. Unfortunately, they failed to specify which parts of Mexico, and innocent Cancun became the posterboy for dangerous destinations. Many of my friends lost their jobs due to irresponsible media coverage, and we still haven’t fully recovered.

This is ridiculous to me, since Cancun is and has always been a safe destination. When was the last time you heard about a tourist being kidnapped in Cancun? (no, not that girl who ran off on her own in January) Or a tourist being caught in the crossfire of a shootout in Cancun?

Sure, bad things happen to tourists in Cancun. I will be the first to admit it. Sadly, what the media fails to take into account is that most of these incidents are caused by the stupidity and/or drunkenness of the tourists themselves. Even when you go out to enjoy Cancun’s nightlife, you’re still safe so long as you make the right decisions.

You’ll be fine so long as you:

-travel in groups

-don’t leave your drink unattended

-don’t go off with people you don’t know

-don’t get personally involved in a drug war

don’t work in my office building

Still, this is basic safety anywhere in the world, not just Cancun.

Cancun’s Hotel Zone is, in my opinion, one of the safest places in the entire world. I never hear about anything violent happening there, and the entire city (police and government included) dedicates itself to ensuring that visitors can enjoy a safe and exciting vacation.

Keep in mind that all of this weekend’s instances were most likely drug-related, not just random acts of violence. That’s not to say that the victims “had it coming” by any means, but I will say that they were all probably targeted for a reason.

Also keep in mind that the Mexican cities experiencing violent acts this week are on the other side of the country from Cancun. If there were shootouts in LA and Houston, would you then be afraid to travel to Miami? Didn’t think so.

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  1. I felt safer traveling on the bus in Cancun (and I only speak about two sentences of Spanish) than I do here in North Carolina. It also helped that people will serenade you on the bus in Cancun. Acoustic guitar has a tendency to lull you into a sense of security.

  2. Amen! I hate it when people say bad things about Cancun. They sure get an ear full from me! I’ve been traveling to Cancun for 27 years and have never had a problem. Common sense works in any city around the world.

  3. Sarah: I do love those guitar players (the good ones). There’s one who has the words to the songs taped onto the top of his guitar. Seen him quite a few times.

    K: I know!! There have never been any scary incidents that weren’t caused by the tourists themselves. Ridiculous. Glad you’re still coming to Cancun, and thanks for having our back!

    Magpie: Yeah, it’s all just common sense. You should definitely travel to Mexico!! There are so many gorgeous places to visit here. And it’s not that expensive. Thanks for visiting πŸ™‚

  4. We are currently at the Riu Palace in the heart of the Cancun hotel zone.
    We have never felt unsafe in Cancun. Just use your head anywhere you are and you will be safe.

  5. Our company just recently said not business travel to Mexico UNLESS extreme safety precautions are taken….basically a body guard. The State Department has issued warnings. So what do I do?

    I have not been to Cancun in 6 years, but this year I am bringing my wife and 3 kids down for Spring Break. My 13 yr old and 10 yr old daughters are scared to death as kids are telling them all the bad things about Mexico. What should I tell them to make them feel safe? I want to take them shopping in Cancun without them feeling scared. I want them to have fun, feel safe and enjoy.

    • I can’t speak for the safety of every city in Mexico, and there are certainly areas that should be avoided, just as in any other country.

      The main thing to take into consideration is that all the issues in the news lately have taken place on the other side of the country (and Mexico is a big country). I think we’re closer to Florida or even Texas than we are to Juarez and Acapulco.

      If you check on Google, I don’t think you’ll find any information on kidnappings or shootings involving tourists in Cancun… ever. The worst you would find is scrapes that alcohol-ridden spring breakers have gotten themselves into.

      Tell your girls that the news stories are happening in other states and cities, but that Cancun hasn’t been in the news at all. Especially around the Hotel Zone, you couldn’t find a safer place to be.

      At any rate, I’m sure the whole family will forget all about it once you get here and see how calm it is. The only thing you’ll worry about is sunburn. πŸ™‚

  6. i can’t wait to go visit cancun…i’ve always wanted to go. my family is from el salvador and my husband is terrified to go there! i tell him as long as we’re smart, we’ll be fine!

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  8. Heard a little about that from my co-teachers here in Korea. I’ve always had the impression that Cancun was pretty safe– afterall, its the place to go for spring break, right? πŸ˜‰ 1,000’s of collegiates can’t be wrong, huh? It’s nice that you’re so connected with the city/country to feel this way! As for swine flu- it shut down a lot of travel for people but it’s probable that Mexico was hit the hardest.

  9. I have always wanted to visit Cancun. I have sadly never been out of the States. My mother is terrified of flying, but is determined to make it to Cancun one day!! Probably by cruise. I live in TN, my city was just voted the 3rd most miserable city to live in. We have the 2nd highest crime rate in America, and I think I would feel a hell of a lot safer in Cancun than I do here. Besides, like you said, anywhere you go has good and bad. You just have to be smart.

  10. I just want to warning you about this tour called bar leaping tour and party hopper tour, they sale drugs for kids inside the tour, my wife and me we bought the tour trew our travel agency and the rep said that this will be the best way to go on the discos but at the city we saw that the guides from the tour the were offering drugs to the kids and also the service was really bad!! they screw our vacations with this…make sure your kids know that and don`t take this tour cuz when i asked about it in the hotel they said that the owner is involved with the drugs…WARNING DONT TAKE THIS TOUR!!!!!

    • Thanks for the warning! I asked around a bit, since I do have friends who do the party hopper thing quite frequently. You’re right, they DO sometimes offer drugs to partiers.

      My friends tell me that these tours are always tons of fun, and there’s never any pressure to buy any of the… umm… “merchandise”, so personally I can’t advise any crazy party people not to go.

      I think it’s no secret that drugs and alcohol are easy to come by in Cancun, just like any big city. Just stay safe and keep a good head on your shoulders. Don’t do drugs, kids!

  11. Good on you for defending Cancun. I have so many friends who have been there and had the best time.

    Where I lived in England you couldn’t walk in the street after dark, if you went out of an evening you had to be prepared that there WOULD be trouble. It was so dangerous. My work were tight as anything but if you were working past1 10pm they’d pay for your taxi home.

    There is trouble anywhere but it’s always the wrong places that get a bad rep. We’re hoping to go to Mexico on holiday within the next few years- never been out of europe so we’re making a list of places we want to see and Cancun will definitely be one of them πŸ™‚

  12. A few of my family members and friends are freaking out about the fact that I’m heading to Mexico to teach. They’re constantly talking about the drug wars and getting kidnapped, blah, blah, blah.

    What they don’t fail to realise is that most of this information they read about is coming from the BBC news website or BBC news on TV. The only time the BBC reports any kind of news on Mexico is when something happens near the US borders to do with the cartel or shootings. And even though I try to show my family/friends “Look at the pattern where this is happening! All along the border and northern territories! I’m going nowhere near up North!” they still won’t have it. :S

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