Why, Cancun?: The Hotel Industry

As many of you may know, I came to Cancun to study tourism. The huge resorts and great destinations fascinated me. They still do.

However, a few years of college internships at various Cancun resorts shed some light on many things. While I still love tourism and all that comes with it, I am sooo glad I chose a desk job over prostituting myself out to a hotel for 500 dollars a month at ungodly hours.

As another installment in my Why, Cancun? series, here are some of the unsettling, annoying, and often hilarious things I came across during my stint in the hotel industry:

-tourists walking around in designer bikinis while I was wearing a navy blue suit that never seemed to fit quite right

-tourists complaining that the beach was too small (this happened A LOT) Yeah… sorry about NATURE. Let me get right on that for ya…

-tourists complaining about the lagoon smelling funny (again… what is it you want me to do?)

-free lunch at the employee cafeteria!!!! Yay! Oh wait… leftovers from the tourists’ dinner last night? Thaaaaanks

-waiters stealing customers behind my back when it wasn’t their turn (hostess internship)

-tourists complaining that the maid had stolen their cash/iPod/jewelry… only to later find it hidden in some compartment of their suitcase they’d forgotten about (an honest lady loses her job because you’re an idiot)

-“How hard can it be to have a room ready?!?! Are you incompetent?” (Um, sir, check-in isn’t for another two hours. The maids need time to clean the rooms of the guests who checked out today) Aaaah, the reception desk.

-an irate women complaining that the all inclusive bracelets were unattractive (Well, lady, everyone else is wearing them and you can’t eat or even be in the resort without it soooo… not much I can do)

-Did you know that for every all inclusive bracelet that goes unaccounted for, the receptionist loses 200 dollars?

-tourists fighting over pool loungers (big debate over the validity of saving a lounger with a towel you placed there at 5 a.m. before going back to sleep)

-In Mexico, apparently “goggles” is pronounced “wooglays” (tried not to crack up over the phone while on the line with the lost and found department)

-Never forget that the hotel REMEMBERS the guests who steal towels/robes/slippers. It’s pretty embarrassing to have your bags checked on your way out of the hotel on your second visit. (funny to watch, though… )

-“You need to hire maids who speak some English.” Funny… actually we don’t because we’re in MEXICO. You’re the one visiting a foreign country.

-“Unbelievable! The maid knocked three times and I didn’t answer because I was napping. THEN, she had the nerve to just walk right into the room! I think she wanted to steal my stuff!” Yeah… they tend to just walk in there when they need to do turn-down service and you neglect to place the “do not disturb” sign on the door. Sorry that the lying thief was doing her job.

*sigh* Sooo glad I’m in an office job now.

8 thoughts on “Why, Cancun?: The Hotel Industry

  1. I’ve seen and heard all you mentioned and more! What about the spring breakers? The absolute worst. I’m ashamed to be American in Mexico when people are acting so stupid!

  2. Soybean: Sorry about the rain 🙁 Move to Cancun!! (although I have to complain that I haven’t seen snow in six or seven years… or fall)

    Ang: Say it ain’t so!!! People get FEISTY over their “reserved” loungers! (I’m ok with it so long as the person actually gets their pretty early to use it… not always the case)

    KfromMichigan: Spring Break is just starting this week. I’m sure you’ll be seeing a post on it soon 🙂

    Emily: I made fun of the beach whiners for years! Then I was proven totally wrong, because last month Cancun actually did make its beaches wider!! (see previous posts in the Cancun News category) craaaazy

  3. Just wondering, as I am considering a move to Cancun, what the pay scale is for a waiter or bartender? And are the tips as good as one would expect? Love your page full of useful information in my trying to decide to move there.

  4. I laughed so hard at these. Hahahahaha.

    And this is why I hate tourists. I know that’s a horrible thing to say – especially as you studied tourism – but people like this drive me nuts. 😛

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