Weekend in Merida: Hacienda Teya at Night

The real reason we went to Merida last weekend, in addition to sightseeing, was to have a cake-tasting and to see the wedding reception area lit up at night to get an idea of any extra  illumination we might need.

First thing in Merida, we traveled the streets in search of Lavalle’s bakery, our potential cake-maker. Merida’s streets are ridiculous to navigate without clear directions because, against all logic, many streets have the same numbers (ex: there are multiple streets called “Calle 7”).

Finally we stumbled onto the bakery by chance.

Upon arrival, the lady I had an appointment with asked me when my appointment was for. I said, “Today at 12”, to which she replied,  “Oh… Sorry, I thought today was Sunday!” Needless to say, I’m a bit concerned. In the end, we decided on chocolate cake with nut-flavored filling. YUM!

After long naps at the hotel, Montejo Palace, we drove out to the wedding venue, Hacienda Teya. This 400-year-old hacienda is absolutely GORGEOUS. When we first saw it last October, we fell in love immediately.

We all arrived at about 8, since there was going to be another wedding all set up at that time for us to see. The organizer who was supposed to show us around wasn’t there, so the waiters informed us that we could pretty much just wander around on our own. Suh-WEET!

Let me tell you… wandering around a 1600’s hacienda by yourself in the dark is friggin AWESOME!  and frankly pretty scary. Everyone but me seems pretty convinced that the hacienda is haunted.

Here are some of the pics I took:

The setup for the wedding that night (our reception is going to be in another event room bc I don't trust anyone around alcohol, a pool and mirrored columns)

the outside of the other event room

big trees in the drive-up area

scary hallway #1

scary hallway #2

main stairs leading up to our reception area

scary hallway #3

entrance to the reception hall

our reception hall, set on dim lighting

12 thoughts on “Weekend in Merida: Hacienda Teya at Night

  1. Good thinking on the reception room without the pool. That could get crazy…one drunk relative and the whole wedding party is in the water!

  2. Chocolate cake – how cool is that? Your mom just made her chocolate chip cheese cake. I don’t think that she could make enough for the whole wedding party. By the way, the dress is done and it looks awesome.

  3. K: Yeah! I’m also positive I’d walk right into one of those mirrored columns… sober.

    Daddy: I wish you hadn’t mentioned Mommy’s chocolate chip cheesecake. Now I have a craving! Sarah Kate also said the dress looks great. Can’t wait!

    KfromMichigan: Me neither! My mom made it for me, so it’s still in the States.

  4. Girl, I literally gasped out loud when I saw those photos. Your venue is AMAZING. I don’t even know what else to say about it. Can’t wait to see pictures from after the event! When is the day? (Did I know this and forget? Eek!)

  5. Chelsea: Thanks! Me neither! My photography skills are sub-par, so I’m excited to see what a professional can do with it.

    Amy: Yeah, it was actually one of our last options because the website pics were pretty bad. Still, we went to visit because it was also the cheapest option. When we saw it in person… WOW. We knew as soon as we pulled into the drive. It’s in July 🙂

  6. can’t wait for the wedding.. OMG.. at least months or so, can’t wait to see you all dress up 😛 I love that place too.. CONGRATSSSS!!

    Ps. hacia mucho que no leia tu blog ¬¬ haahaha
    love you..

    Julie tu damita 😛

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