Why, Cancun?: Taylor Lautner Wants Me Fired

Well… crap.

All hopes of job security one year from now are out the window.

Apparently, Taylor Lautner of werewolf Twilight fame has decided to royally screw me over.

The good news: Taylor Lautner is set to star in a new action movie entitled “Cancun”. Sounds awesome, right? He should start shooting in June, meaning that he may still be around for my wedding week in July. (in case any of my sisters/cousins are interested in some stalking! Might make for an interesting bachelorette party…)

The bad news: The movie is about a group of spring breakers that get kidnapped while in Cancun.

Um… what?

Normally I would be all over this. It sounds like great publicity for Cancun! However, I think Summit Entertainment has failed to take into account two important points:

1. Cancun is safe and spring breakers never get kidnapped here.
2. We just got through a rough year where tourists essentially stopped coming to Cancun due to the swine flu scare (which never even made it to Cancun) and due to rumors of drug wars (even though the drug wars were taking place on the other side of the country… thanks, media).

If this movie were to be made two years ago or five years from now, I would say “great!” However, a movie about kidnapping in Cancun (however hot the star may be) right in the wake of a horrible recession caused by a false bad rep is NOT good for Cancun.

I’ve already seen many friends lose jobs over Cancun’s bad rep caused by a paranoid media scare. This is the last thing we need right now.

Still, I’m hoping that I’m proven wrong. If we can keep up a good rep until this movie comes out in a year or so (and everyone has forgotten all the lies), then maybe it just might have a positive effect and draw in more spring breakers in search of some “vacation relation” who looks like Taylor Lautner.

Extremely hot? or extremely EVIL?


Who do you think will win… college hormones or mass paranoia?

8 thoughts on “Why, Cancun?: Taylor Lautner Wants Me Fired

  1. I started reading this post while my 12 year old daughter was in the room. She noticed the Taylor’s name in the title and decided to stick around. As I scrolled down the page and revealed the pic, my daughter started screaming, well, like a lil’ school girl.

    She is now insisting we move to Cancun! 😛

  2. This movie is not a good idea! Spring break in Cancun already has a bad name. The name draws money to the movie industry.

  3. Ummm, I’m just having a very shallow moment and wondering…if your sisters and/or cousins are going stalking, could your aunt join them?

  4. Leslie: Hurray! You’ve given me hope that it may draw in more tourists (even if they’re screaming girls)

    K: I know. Sad. Last year the media was telling college students not to come to Cancun for Spring Break, even though nothing bad was going on here.

    Amy: HECK YES! Bring your camera and your camoflage jacket!

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  6. um, this movie is such a horrible idea!! i’m an american (27 years old) living in merida…very cool you picked hacienda teya for your wedding venue by the way! i am sorta in love with taylor lautner, i know it’s wrong, but he’s 18 now, so i feel a little better about the crush….however, i feel it is my personal duty to come to cancun and let him know how bad an idea making this movie is, i work in tourism as well and i’ve seen such a huge decline in our student groups coming here due to the bogus news in the US, we do not need a movie making a false impression of “dangers in cancun”…and my hollywood crush absolutely must not be involved…let me know when and where he is scheduled to be and i will make a point to come pay him a visit…plus if he quits the movie, he’ll have time to spend with me in Mexico, everyone wins!! 🙂

    • Oh my gosh!! You have voiced my own thoughts! (I was also pathetically happy when he turned 18, because I felt so dirty before)

      I think they start filming in June, but I’ve heard rumors that he’s going to Merida sometime in the near future (not sure for what, exactly)

  7. Oh no, what bad timing! I didn’t know the swine flu issue affected Cancun so much. I caught swine flu in the UK! Then just as I was recovering I caught normal flu and was so ill I was in hospital and missed a month of work and lost 2 stone in weight (I weighed 7 to begin with!) so it’s ridiculous to pinpoint certain countries for issues like that. You can catch it anywhere!!!

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