Weekend in Merida: Montejo Palace

During our trip to Merida, we stayed at a great hotel called Montejo Palace located on the famous Paseo Montejo. This street is filled with colonial mansions and the best nightlife in the city. We were right in the middle of it!

The hotel is pretty run-down, but the great location, pretty garden, and gorgeous views more than made up for the shabby carpet in the hallways and the general lack of hot water.

It was very clean and the service was so attentive! It was only $420 pesos for the night, and even after a few minor inconveniences, we felt that it was well worth the money.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, they had closed off our side of the street for the weekly Family Day. We went out for a walk along Paseo Montejo, surrounded by families of bikers, dog-walkers and skaters. The big trees made for relaxing shade from the sunny skies. It was a perfect morning.

Our room was on the sixth floor, so our views were amazing!

Here are some pics:

The girls' room!

the living room (couch/bed not pictured)

daytime view from our balcony

looking down onto the garden from the 6th floor

Me in the garden area! (note the wind-blowing-through-hair look!)

nighttime view from the balcony

Paseo Montejo from the back seat

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