Saturday Night Futbol!

This past Saturday night was NOCHE DE FUTBOL!! Cancun’s professional team, the Potros de Hierro del Atlante (Atlante Iron Colts… or something), played against the Puebla team, resulting in a tied game (booo!).

I was so thrilled when this team moved to Cancun a few years ago. Since I’m not from anywhere in Mexico, I never had a futbol team, and everyone else did! Now… the Potros are my team!

The most fun part of these games isn’t the game itself… it’s the fans. Sitting in the peanut gallery is always entertaining.

My view

The people holding all the flags/drums/etc are "la porra" for the Potros. They show up at every game to cheer the team on with songs and chants. Every futbol team has a porra.

Got stuck behind these porra-wannabes a few months ago. They jump up and down while singing THE ENTIRE GAME. Very hardcore. Whenever one of them said, "I'm tired", Guy-in-Black-Cap (far left) would yell, "No me interesa! Cantenle!" ("I don't care! Keep singing!")

Mexican halftime show

We ended the night by renting a private room at a hole-in-the-wall karaoke bar (only $100 pesos an hour!) at Parque Las Palapas.

Sing it, boys!


This Friday, I went to a friend’s birthday party to one of my favorite bars in Cancun… Diablitros!

It’s located on Avenida Nader, the oldest street in downtown Cancun, near the entrance to the Hotel Zone.

In my opinion, they have the best drinks and the best bar food in Cancun. (The menu even has sushi and some awesome panini sandwiches!) The vibe is great.  They always have a DJ or live music, and the great Cancun weather makes their outdoor setting sooo relaxing.

Chocolate Mint Martini... yum!

A Cancun favorite: Shrimp Michelada (beer with chile sauce, salt, lime, probably some Worcestershire sauce, and shrimp) Awesome? or nasty?


Wedding Plans, Mexico Style Part 3

Words cannot possibly describe how happy I am!

Since my wedding is taking place in Mexico, I understood that most of my extended family from the good ole US of A might not be able to make it. I guess that’s the price you pay.

Yesterday, I found out the most of my family is coming to stay for the entire week! I think I’m more excited about this than the actual wedding! (Sorry, Fiance)

A whole week of almost my entire family, hanging out in Cancun for my wedding! Life could not be better. The place where most of them are staying is absolutely gorgeous, by the way. Maybe I’m a little jealous?

Of course, a few important people won’t be able to make it, and they will be sorely missed, but such is life. I’m definitely counting my blessings.

A few old friends from elementary school through high school will also probably make it down! I haven’t seen most of them in a few years, and I have missed them soooo much since I moved down here.

Not to mention an awesome bachelorette party that week, complete with cousins, best friends from the States, and new best friends from Cancun (sans stripper… OJO, DAMAS!). Finally, I’ll get to act like a stupid Spring-Breaker in Cancun! My moment has arrived.

Love, love, love my life!

Why, Cancun?: Cablemas

I apologize in advance for any foul language I may use. I am VERY annoyed. It’s days like this when I wonder what I’m doing here?

I will start from the beginning.

At the beginning of last month, I moved into a house with a new roommate. We decided to get cable and internet service. After looking around, the best package deal seemed to be with Cablemas.

Roomie went to Cablemas and asked for installation. They said they would come over to install everything on Monday. Ok, perfect!!

They came (unannounced) on Sunday. (WTF?) Luckily Roomie was there, so no big deal!

However, it turns out that they had failed to mention that installing cable on an extra TV would cost extra. (Thanks for mentioning that beforehand… not!) Soooo I had to ask permission at work to go to Cablemas on my lunchbreak to pay the $120. Tuesday, it was done. They couldn’t install it until Friday. *sigh* Ok, a few more days without cable. I’ll find something else to do.

Problem: Their work hours are from 9 til 6. The last time they can schedule is at 5:30. Ok, I can get out of work early.

I asked permission to leave work early on Friday. GRANTED! Hurrah! Nobody ever came.

Roomie called Cablemas. Apparently, they showed up around 2 pm and nobody was home, so they left.

OF COURSE NOBODY WAS HOME!! You were supposed to come at 5:30! Ok, ok. We’ll give them another chance.

They called Roomie on Monday to say that they had stopped by again, and nobody was home.

OF COURSE NOBODY WAS HOME!! You didn’t tell us you were going to stop by! GAAAAAH!

Ok. I really want my cable, so I’m going to be nice about this. I called Cablemas on Tuesday. It’s an automated system. (“Press 1 if you’re calling about payment.”) Anyway, after a few minutes on their menu, I was informed that I was going to be transferred to an operator. SWEET VICTORY!! Wrong. After telling me I would be transferred… dead air. I tried this 3 times, no luck.

Sooooo, being the smart cookie that I am, I picked the menu option saying that I am having technical issues. HA! It worked.

The gentleman on the other end of the line informed me that the installation service had been cancelled since they had stopped by various times and nobody was home. I politely explained the situation to him, and he understood. Thank God! They could reschedule service for the following Wednesday. Another week… ok. Whatever.

He mentioned that their afternoon hours are from 1 through 6 pm, but I could always ask them to not stop by until after a certain hour. I asked if he could make absolutely sure that they didn’t stop by before 5, since that was the issue we had the last time. He was very insistent that this would be no problem. He would personally see to it that they didn’t stop by before 5 pm. My hero!

A week later, I asked permission to leave work early YET AGAIN. (Luckily, I think my boss has Cablemas, as he was very understanding of the situation.)

I get home at 5 exactly, and the truck is outside. Yay! They showed up! The door was open, so I assumed Roomie was already home.

Roomie informed me that they had called her at 4:20, saying that they were at the house, but they were about to leave since nobody was home. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I HATE YOU!!!!

Thank God Roomie was already on her way home, so they stayed and installed it. I didn’t complain, because I no longer cared.

They left. I had my cable. I was happy.

Later I noticed that the SOBs had installed the graycable right down the center of the front of our house. Tacky. Ugly. Roomie said that this was a common occurence. Really? Gray cables running down the front of a house is ok? *sigh* Whatever, I’m just renting.

Why, Cancun?: Pizza

Ok… I have to get this off my chest!

Why, Cancun? Why must you do this to me?

For years I have been trying to get good pizza in Cancun. We have Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns, so why am I not satisfied?

Pizza Hut and Dominos, for some unknown reason, are very chintzy with their pizza sauce. Even when I specifically ask for extra sauce, there still seems to be nothing separating the cheese from the dough, causing unnecessary … errrmm… cheese stickage? Here is a Pizza Hut pizza from this weekend (supposedly with extra sauce):

WTF, Pizza Hut?? WHERE IS IT??

In the States, I’m used to having delicious tomato sauce oozing out from the sides. The cheese melts perfectly!

However, with this POS, I’m obliged to consume pizza that tastes too bread-y and has burnt, dried-out cheese.

Is it like this in all of Mexico, or is it just Cancun?

I would order Papa Johns (which is excellent here!), but for some unknown reason, I AM THE ONLY PERSON IN CANCUN WHO LIKES PAPA JOHNS. No one will order it with me!

Even though sauce below the cheese is unpopular here, Mexicans loooove to top their pizza with chile powder, chile sauce, worcestershire sauce, and ketchup. YES, KETCHUP. Why… WHY would you replace delicious tomato sauce with ketchup?? Isn’t that just a cheap version of the same thing?

We even got these with our pizza delivery:

There you have it… chile sauce and powder, just in case you wanted a little gastritis with your heart attack.

Sometimes the SOBs will even send you ketchup packets.


**Update: Domino’s has since fallen back into my good graces. They revamped their crust and sauce, and the new recipe is FABULOUS. God bless you, Domino’s.

The Real Isla Mujeres on a Rainy Day

Many turistas who come to Cancun make day trips to nearby Isla Mujeres. It’s a beautiful small island just a 15 minute ferry ride from Cancun. Here you’ll find the area’s most beautiful beaches, best views and most delicious food!

What happens when you visit Isla Mujeres on a cold, rainy day and can’t go to the beach? The fiance and I visited his Tio Eduardo, who has lived on the island for 23 years. Tio Eduardo drove us around on a tour of the island, showing us parts that most tourists don’t get to see.  Here goes…

Our shipping off point, Puerto Juarez, Cancun. You can rent apartments here for really cheap, with gorgeous ocean views.

In my experience, the best place for golf cart rental. It's right across the street when you get off the ferry. They accept credit cards!

View from Taxi: some minor flooding. The good news is that the taxista only charged us $15 pesos!

For those of you interested in real estate, a certain Mr. Garcia is selling his home for 160.00 thousand, 1.1 million, 6003 thousand pesos.


The house in front of Tio Eduardo's house had interesting shells hanging from the ceiling of a second floor balcony. Pretty 🙂

View from Tio Eduardo's door

Part of Tio Eduardo's family store, which isn't doing too well. The new mayor allowed supermarkets to open on Isla Mujeres, and one opened up right down the street, taking away some business. Hopefully they'll hang in there.

View from Tio Eduardo's window

Another view from Tio Eduardo's window

My favorite house in the world! I always have to drive by here when I visit Isla. It's for rent! ... in case I can ever afford to spend thousands of dollars a month on a beach house.

Ruins = boathouse??

The impractical and space-ineffective shell house!

This makeshift community is known as an "invasion de terrenos". I don't fully understand the concept, but basically it's people without property who band together and live on public or private property.

Invasion de terrenos 2

One of the main squares in downtown Isla Mujeres

The Isla Mujeres Convention Center

The Avalon

Small inlet by the Avalon, bordered by an interesting house (on right) and some cute hotels

Catching the ferry back to Cancun