I'm Learning to Cook!


Last night I made:


Mushroom Quesadillas

Fish Filet marinated in orange, lime and garlic

Pasta with red peppers, mushrooms, orange, lime and soy sauce

And I did it all with only two gas burners! For four people! And it didn’t suck! How do ya like them apples, Rachael Ray? (Now if I could just get an oven so I could make those awesome tomatoes stuffed with mac & cheese that she does…)

*Please note that this has nothing to do with the fact that I’m getting married and I want to be a good little wifey. It’s because I have tons of free time after 6 pm. And I need to stop eating so much sushi.

Life is good. I am even better.

6 thoughts on “I'm Learning to Cook!

  1. You should post the recipes of how you made everything. I love hearing how other people make guac and the fish sounds delicious, but I’m scared to cook fish… so having a recipe would be great!

  2. K – My roommate also looked at me funny when she saw me squeezing orange onto the fish. It turned out surprisingly awesome!

    Daddy – I know, right?! I haven’t found the tomato paste and canned tomatoes necessary, so I may just need to find a fresh tomato version.

    Ang – I would, but I just kind of eyeball everything! The fish, I just threw some garlic salt on both sides, squeezed out half an orange and a little lime juice, and gave it a dash of pepper. Then I threw it in some olive oil in a frying pan. 2 or 3 minutes on each side and that was it.

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