This Friday, I went to a friend’s birthday party to one of my favorite bars in Cancun… Diablitros!

It’s located on Avenida Nader, the oldest street in downtown Cancun, near the entrance to the Hotel Zone.

In my opinion, they have the best drinks and the best bar food in Cancun. (The menu even has sushi and some awesome panini sandwiches!) The vibe is great.  They always have a DJ or live music, and the great Cancun weather makes their outdoor setting sooo relaxing.

Chocolate Mint Martini... yum!

A Cancun favorite: Shrimp Michelada (beer with chile sauce, salt, lime, probably some Worcestershire sauce, and shrimp) Awesome? or nasty?


4 thoughts on “Diablitros

  1. I’m seriously loving your blog!

    We were given a Michelada while on vacation in Playa Del Carmen – I didn’t care for it much (at the time I hadn’t yet acquired a taste for spice), but my brother enjoy it much!

  2. Omg – shrimp michelada? I`ve ordered, and had about a million micheladas, chiladas, but NEVER one with shrimp! Never even offered?

    I`m not sure what I think about it…. I love shrimp, but I am very weird about textures, and to me that may not go down very easily!!! Hey, can`t knock it til I try it though!!!

    Looks like you had a great time – I`ll have to check it out one of these days!

  3. Ang: Yeah, I made my sisters try one once. It did not go well!

    Lauren: They also serve good shrimp micheladas at Guanatos (in Plaza de Toros and on Avenida La Luna). The texture might not be too bad, since the shrimp are usually tiny.

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