Cancun's Party Center and Beach Restoration

On a quick errand with one of my best friends, Zareth (she’s a bridesmaid!) I brought my trusty camera along to take some pictures of a rarely seen phenomenon… Cancun’s party center, BY DAY! Enjoy!

Zareth in the alley connecting the calmer party center with the crazier party center

Yours truly!

Our shopping destination, Plaza Forum. Home of Coco Bongo, Carlos and Charlie's, Rainforest Cafe, and more!

New nightclub called "Sweet", replacing part of my beloved Dady Rock 🙁 I've heard rumors "por ahi" that it's a pretty cool place, but nobody's really sure yet

"Esto no esta aqui"

Inside Plaza Forum *Note to gringos: this plaza is mostly just for the turistas! Locals are usually too cool to be seen here in daylight hours

 We also took a few minutes to check out the view of the beach by Party Center, which was restored along with the rest of the Hotel Zone’s beaches a few months ago. I estimate that it’s about three times as big as it used to be.

The restored beach at Party Center, looking north

Let's go fly a kite...

Looking south

Huuuuuuuge beach!

Ah, the glamourous life in Cancun! can someone check to make sure guy-on-left isn't dead?

Outside Plaza Forum

The Terrasta, a favorite haunt of some of my friends

Party Center! Common phrases heard here: "Hello, ladies! You wanna go to Coco Bongo?" "Oh my goooooosh, you guys I think I left my purse at Dady O!" "Spring Break 2010! WOOOOOO!!"

Slices... any night your drive by, there WILL be drunk turistas here. Especially lady-turistas.

5 thoughts on “Cancun's Party Center and Beach Restoration

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I’ve looked around yours a bit and I like it! I can’t imagine what it must have been like for you to move to Mexico.
    I enjoy your pictures especially, I’ve been to Cancun a few times and it brings back some great memories!

    excited to read more!
    -Ang 🙂

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