Cancun Beach Recovery at Playa Delfines

Yesterday, the fiance and I took a trip down to the Hotel Zone to see how Cancun’s new beach construction had gone! We stopped by Playa Delfines (aka El Mirador), right next to the Hilton, to take some pics. It looks pretty good!

For all of you non-Cancunenses who aren’t in the know, Hurricane Wilma took away most of Cancun’s beautiful beaches back in 2005. Soon after, some of the beaches were rebuilt. This year, millions more dollars were invested in expanding the beaches of the entire Hotel Zone.

I’m still worried about how long the sand will stay in place, since you can see a bit of a dropoff right where the tide comes in, as if the tide is eating the coast.

The beach at the Hilton and beyond, looking north

Looking south

The fiance admiring the new and improved Playa Delfines

Ok... maybe not EVERYTHING at Playa Delfines was new and improved

Not sure what those guys are after... anyway, see the little dropoff right by the water??

Happy Monday, everybody!

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