Tearing Down the Ombligo Verde to Build Cancun's new City Hall

For those of you don’t know, Cancun seems to have outgrown its Palacio Municipal (City Hall), which is currently located on Avenida Tulum.

A new real estate project has begun in Cancun over the last few years, right by the bullring and near the entrance to the hotel zone, on the lagoon. It’s called Malecon Cancun (Cancun Boardwalk). Malecon Cancun will have new office buildings, high rise apartments, and also was supposed to have the new Palacio Municipal.

Around summer of 2009, it was decided that the new Palacio Municipal would no longer be built in Malecon Cancun, supposedly because developers didn’t want the locals running around where the fancy-schmancy foreign investors were.

Soooo where did they decide to put it? In the Ombligo Verde! (Yes, Ombligo Verde means “Green Bellybutton”… I guess because it’s green and it’s in the middle of the city.)

Cancun pretty much has 2 large green areas… one is Parque Kabah, an awesome park with botanical gardens, lots of animalitos and great areas for jogging and exploring. The other is the Ombligo Verde, which is about 1 minute from my house. It doesn’t have much in it currently, but it sure is nice to drive by!

So, instead of turning it into another nice park area, it will now be used for the Palacio Municipal. Here’s a before shot, with the Ombligo Verde in the foreground:



Isn’t it nice how they start taking trees down from the inside first, so that nobody can tell what’s going on?

Here’s what’s gonna go down in the end:


And here’s how the Cancunenses feel about it:

ombligo verde cancun

Hang in there, Parque Kabah! You’re all we have left!

2 thoughts on “Tearing Down the Ombligo Verde to Build Cancun's new City Hall

  1. i WAS BORN HERE IN CANCUN!! and I don’t want the new city hall, neither can my friends But I guess Money is everything for the mayor greg sanchez, because he claimed he loved cancun BUT I SEE NO LOVE THERE IN THE DESTRUCTION!

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