Things I Did at Mexican College that I Wouldn't Have Done at American College

-Turn in a title page and a folder with EVERYTHING… even if it’s just a half-a-page homework assignment.

-Print everything… even if it’s just a half-a-page homework assignment.

-Make copies at least once a day, since there are no textbooks.

-Go to school without a backpack, since there are no textbooks. Yay!

-Live off-campus, since there are no dorms.

-Take classes with the same group of 20 people for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for 4 years. You get to know people pretty well! Miss you guys!

-Argue with the professors.

-Write a thesis, take a cumulative final exam, or have at least a 90% average in order to graduate.

-Set aside about half an hour for printing out anything. (go to library, ask for computer time with your ID card, save file to computer under “my documents” with your name, pick out correct printer to send it to, retrieve ID card, go to copy center to pay for the copies and a folder and receive a receipt, walk across campus to the systems department, hand in receipt, tell guy at computer the name of your document, find out it wasn’t saved correctly, start over. Once at systems department for a second time, guy prints out document and ¡voila! Half an hour later, you’re done.) Alternative printing options include:

              1. asking a friend with a home printer to print it out and bring it to you. They will either forget or run out of ink.

              2. own your own printer and have all of your classmates asking you to print their homework every day.

-Go to the beach for an hour when a professor doesn’t show up.

-Be “cleansed” in an ancient Mayan ritual with your classmates.

-Desperately try to find a kind classmate with extra carspace every night, since no buses go by at 10 pm and you’re in the middle of nowhere.

-Put up with the deafening noise of the bug repellent machine that goes by every night.

-Lose, on average, about 2 hours of precious time each day waiting for professors to show up.

-Give a power point presentation at least once a week. Can’t get enough of those power point presentations.

-Have professors that find it completely acceptable to give a power point presentation where you just copy pasted from an article on the internet (blue underlined original hyperlinks still shamelessly in place).

-Go straight from class to the best nightclubs in the world on Friday nights!

-Have a professor who only shows up for 2 classes the entire semester and still keeps his job. (He was an important guy, apparently.)

-Have to cook, set up, and clean events for up to 200 people… without being paid. It was a “course requirement”. It took me about 2 years to realize that you could just not go, and nobody said anything.

-About 150 internship hours a semester, plus 400 hours of community service.

-Go on class trips to see waterfalls and ancient Mayan ruins.

It was the best four years of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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  1. Hahaha, I think there’s a lot more to remember! We should meet up and make a list of all the things that we did the last 4 years!

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