Best Day Ever for Less than 3 Dollars: Cenote in San Crisanto

I couldn’t resist posting this!

Last year, I traveled to the coast of Yucatan, Mexico to visit my fiance’s family in a small fishing village called Chabihau, just about 4 hours from Cancun. On one of our days there, we drove to a neighboring village called San Crisanto, where they’ve recently started promoting a cenote tour.

For those unlucky folks who don’t know what a cenote is, it’s pretty much just a natural well. The Yucatan Peninsula has no normal rivers… just underground rivers. Throughout the Peninsula are thousands upon thousands of openings in the limestone, called cenotes (“seh-NOH-tes”). Many are in caves while others are completely open.

Anyway, we got to the site and paid $30 pesos each (less than 3 dollars!!) and got into a teeny tiny rowboat:

Our guide took us on a slow yet beautiful ride through a man-made stream through the mangrove forest, explaining along the way that the area was completel virgin, and no motor-boats were allowed. (The water would be too shallow anyway):

There were tons of awesome birds and cool bugs to be seen in the mangrove forest! This little guy followed us most of the way:

About 20 minutes later, we were there! They had set everything up pretty well, with docks and a palapa:

The gaping hole in the water below me is the opening to the underground river system:

Fiance and cuñado (brother-in-law) going for a swim, but actually freaked out by the massive fish swimming around (2 feet long… eek!):

Mi Suegra relaxing on a rock ledge:

Great day:

Overall, an awesome day for a great price! Let’s hope the rest of the peninsula takes the hint and starts creating great tours with minimal damage to the ecosystem, like these guys did.

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